Alfonso achieved his dream; will study Medicine at UAEM

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Alfonso Castillo González, who was one of the few new students accepted into the Medicine career at UAEM, does not want to Losing the dream of saving human lives, but faces a couple of obstacles: lack of computer and internet connection.

In addition, you will need sufficient resources to cover the expenses when the classes are face-to-face because You must complete a degree in Nezahualcóyotl.

One day before the start of the 2020-2021 school year, he asked the authorities of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) to change to Toluca.

He explained that even when the 2020 B semester It will be developed mostly remotely, believes that the lack of computer equipment and internet access can solve it if someone you know provides supportoo go to an internet cafe near your home.

However, your greatest conflict will come when you return to the face-to-face mode, since it will be difficult for you to pay for transfers from Toluca to Nezahualcóyotl or rent a place to live.

When I went to take my papers more or less I spent almost a thousand pesos just for tickets

This, he pointed out, would prevent him from working because he does it to contribute to the family support and pay for his studies, he said in an interview via telephone.

Alfonso, 22 years old, a native of San Pedro Tultepec, Lerma municipality, has three younger brothers, Emmanuel, Jesús and Alejandro; one of them will also enter a UAEM high school.

I contribute at home for light or food, for example, I supported my brother in his passages in the courses prior to the entrance exam and I want my parents not to be so pressured”.

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He currently works in a butcher shop and in a boxing gym, where he cleans and practices the sport.

To the date their employers have granted them permission to work three days a week when they enter the University, he pointed out.

“That way I would earn 600 pesos, if I stayed in Toluca I would spend 240, the rest would be for food and other expenses.”

The young man, saddened by his financial situation, said that he might not be able to demand it, but financial support from the university would not be the solution for him, because it would require about five thousand pesos.

I know that the classes will be online and right now I don’t worry so much, I know that I am at home I can ask for a computer, go to a cyber, I would not have so much expense, but finishing this semester in Nezahualcóyotl I could afford it for a semester maybe, then not“, he claimed.

In these days he commented that he submitted a request to two instances of the UAEM to analyze his case. “The money he won,” he said, “would have to be cut in half, because it would not be enough.”

I don’t have a computer, I went to see the cost of the computer, they are expensive, I’m going to find out how he accommodated me in the virtual classess”.

The young man awaits a favorable response from the university authorities to his request because it is the second time he has tried to enter the Faculty of Medicine, in one he was not accepted and he let a year pass because his needs forced him to work.

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To the rectory authorities, the only thing I want is to study, generate income for my livelihood, be close to my community, my space, going to another place without being able to work or generate income for my solvency or experience I could not continue, it would be something impossible and I would leave school”.

He recalled that throughout his life he has held various jobs, from selling bread, at a fair, as a bricklayer, in a lumberyard and in other trades, now he seeks to dedicate his life to medicine.

Since I can remember my dream has been to be a doctor, my purpose is to serve people who need it, without prejudice, simply to help, save people and relieve their pain”, He concluded.



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