All about the wedding of Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz

Brooklyn Beckham’s wedding and Nicola Peltz will take place on April 9, that is, the countdown has officially started. And although everything indicates that it will be held in the most absolute privacy, there have been many details of the link that have been leaked to the media and therefore have increased the level of expectation around it. But let’s go point by point, because in the Beckham universe there is little or nothing that is improvised and much that deserves to be analyzed due to the concreteness of his proposal.

Discover all the details of the wedding of the yearnext:

where it will be held

Both the ceremony and the after party will take place in the mansion Montsorrel (Florida). An impressive 47,851-square-meter expanse built on a seven-acre lot that will dress up for the wedding of the year. The wealthy American businessman Nelson Peltz – Nicola’s father and future father-in-law from Brooklyn – bought this impressive estate in 2015 for nearly $95 million. Of course, its walls hide a tragic story: its first owner, Robert R. Young, took his own life inside the main house after suffering a long depression.

Brooklyn and Nicola at the 2021 Met Gala.

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The prenuptial agreement

This past weekend the bride and groom have signed an important agreement in order to maintain their respective fortunes in the event of divorce. The estate of the Beckhams amounts to 452 million euros, while that of the Peltz family reaches 1,500 million. We all know who would come out on top in the event of a separation, so to clear up doubts about the authenticity of their union, Brooklyn and Nicola have decided to put it in writing that each one will keep what is theirs no matter what happens in their marriage.

Wedding dress

The dress of the religious ceremony –which will be officiated by the Jewish rite– will be signed by Valentinowhile the model that Nicola will wear at the after party will be a creation of her future mother-in-law, Victoria Beckham. It is unknown if Nicola Peltz will wear more designs during the wedding, but what has been confirmed is that Victoria will dress several of the guests, including her great friend Eva Longoria.