All the media wrote about Doda’s sex in the “Bar”. Now she confessed how it really was

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Doda (37) is one of the most colorful characters in Polish show business. The star is not afraid to say what she thinks, and in the past her statements have caused many scandals. This time Rabczewska’s fans decided to recall sex in “Bar”. Doda commented on the whole incident without embarrassment!

Doda is certainly not afraid of controversy! Over the years, her stage image shocked and amazed many people. However, the singer has repeatedly emphasized that what the fans see on stage is just a created character.

On the last livie on Instagram, she confessed that she does not recognize sex on the first date. She then said that she had never gone to bed with someone she no longer knew and did not love.

She noted that she adores her body and respects her intimacy.

However, one of the Internet users pointed out that she had sex in the “Bar”, so her approach to sex must have changed over the last few years.

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Doda quickly explained to him that her partner was her fiancé …

Dorota made her debut in “Bar” in 2002. She was only 18 years old, and her presence in the program aroused great emotions. Two years later, she took part in the next edition of the show.

Do you remember her in the program?


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