ALSO THAT: Almost sales and almost music – Titisee-Neustadt

Occasionally spontaneous encounters are very strange. For example on Thursday in Neustadt: Anyone who went there to shop at Schmidts Markt met two young people in front of the entrance. Whether he wanted it or not. Because they really spoke to everyone. The couple: a young woman, dressed in black, with a man in his mid-20s at her side, long blonde hair, orange swimming shorts. The same question for every passer-by: “Do you speak English? Do you like Rock?” (“Do you speak English? Do you like rock music?”). Most went on. Few stopped to find out why they would probably have to converse in English in the middle of the week in the tranquil Black Forest. And so they were able to find out: The two belong to the Estonian music band “California Condor” and sell their CDs on the street, explains the young man, who introduces himself as “Erik” (he’s convinced he doesn’t need a last name) – and rappers be. Rap? Given the opening question, shouldn’t we rather like rock? Then Erik says not all songs are really good. Interesting sales approach. Which probably leads to most people almost buying it. And maybe that’s okay too. Because “California Condor” have been touring all over Europe for years, and the name has already changed. They are less on the road to give concerts (the last was more than two years ago, says Erik – when and where exactly? – “Hmm, no idea”), but to sell their CDs everywhere and nowhere. It is not uncommon for newspapers to report on aggressive sales behavior; Erik boasts about destroyed hotel rooms and fights directly to himself. By the way, their music is nowhere to be heard that day – jukeboxes are so difficult to transport, he says. The last little anecdote shows that the everyday life of the sales band has little to do with music: They are eight band members, says Erik. And where are the other six? “They’re selling CDs somewhere else. Freiburg or something.” Or so.

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