The markhor is the emblem of Pakistan (photo illustration). – pixabay

On social networks, images have angered Internet users and animal welfare associations. Bryan Kinsel Harlan, an American hunter, paid $ 110,000 to kill a markhor on an expedition to Pakistan, reports Huffington Post this Wednesday, February 13th.

A remarkable species, prized for its long horns

Pakistan's national emblem, the markhor is a rare animal, listed as a "species at risk" by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). This wild goat of the Himalayas is remarkable for its long spiral horns that can reach 1.5 meters long in males.

In 2011, the markhor population was reduced to only 2,500 individuals. Bryan Kinsel Harlan: "It was an easy move," said the hunter in an interview relayed by the newspaper Dallas News. I am happy to win this trophy. I hunted almost all animals from Pakistan. I only missed the markhor. "

Killing a rare animal, a right that can be bought

Markhor hunting is strictly regulated by the Pakistani authorities, recalls the Washington Post. Every year, the country allows the hunting of 12 male markhors in exchange for large sums of money. A system that would allow Pakistan to raise funds to fight the
poaching. By paying a record sum of $ 110,000, Bryan Kinsel Harlan was able to devote himself to his passion legally.

"The number of animals is increasing, and these foreign hunters are millionaires who return to their country and tell the world that Pakistan is a safe country," says Pakistani guide Tabarak Ullah. In theory, 20% of the sum paid by the American hunter will be donated to the government agency for the protection of wildlife, while the remaining 80% should be donated to the local population.


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