Amon-Ra St. Brown and the Detroit Lions suffer setback

Amon-Ra St. Brown and the Detroit Lions suffer a setback

While football pro Amon-Ra St. Brown lost 24-28 with his Detroit Lions to the Minnesota Vikings, his brother Equanimeous won 23-20 with the Chicago Bears at the Houston Texans.

On the third day of the NFL season, Amon-Ra St. Brown’s record hunt in the professional football league came to an end for the time being. The bottom line was that six caught passes for 73 yards gained space resulted in a decent performance in the 24:28 defeat of his Detroit Lions in the division duel at the Minnesota Vikings. But it wasn’t enough for the sole NFL record for consecutive games with at least eight pass catches. This rating was the end for the German-American with eight games that were still strong across the seasons – Amon-Ra holds this record together with the superstars Antonio Brown and Michael Thomas. But the defeat at his rivals after a clear lead was more bitter for him. Amon-Ra and the Lions continue on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks – the weekend’s minor ankle injury doesn’t seem to stand in the way of his performance.

At the same time, Amon-Ra’s oldest brother, Equanimeous St. Brown, and the Chicago Bears compete with the New York Giants. They arrive with the recommendation of a 23:20 win over the Houston Texans. “EQ” caught a pass for 20 yards in his team’s second win of the third game and gained another 43 yards on two running plays.