Amsterdam-no to noisy and rowdy tourists

Amsterdam’s tolerance for sex sales in the Red Light District and the sale of hashish and marijuana over the counter in so-called coffee shops has led many to travel to the Dutch capital.

But when the borders were closed and the city was closed down due to the covid-19 pandemic, many of Amsterdam’s inhabitants have rediscovered their city, writes CNN.

Takes action against unwanted tourism

Threw up

The absence of intoxicated and loud tourists has caused many to walk around areas of the city that they have avoided for many years. Now they do not want to give these away again.

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– Amsterdam needs tourists, and museums and restaurants will not survive without them. At the same time, it has been nice that they could not come here. No large groups hanging by the canals, and who constantly vomited due to too much alcohol and drugs, says Nicola Theobald according to CNN, and continues:

– We have got our city back and we like it.

TOURIST PLOT: Hardly a tourist was seen in Amsterdam during large parts of the pandemic period, such as here in De Wallen in January this year.  Photo: AFP / NTB
TOURIST PLOT: Hardly a tourist was to be seen in Amsterdam during large parts of the pandemic period, as here in De Wallen in January this year. Photo: AFP / NTB
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That Amsterdam has struggled with the consequences of ever-increasing tourism is not new. Two years ago, the city council approved an extra tourist tax of three euros per night. In February this year, it was also decided that the shop windows in the prostitution district Red Light District will be closed and replaced with an “erotic center” outside the city.

– Use toilet

Just before the pandemic, residents also complained that the city has become a “tourist Disney world”.

The city council has launched an online campaign where they encourage people to visit the city’s cultural parts. “Noisy tourists” are not welcome, they report.

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– We do not want to go back to how we felt before the pandemic, with large numbers of people in the Red Light District, the city council writes in a statement, which elaborates:

Video originally published on on 02.05.2012 HARD MESSAGE: Intense passers-by think they get a dance show with prostitute actors, but get a shock when the music stops.
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“Visitors who treat our citizens and heritage without respect are not welcome. The message we have for them is: Do not come to Amsterdam ».

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You can read the full press release here.

– You are welcome if you drink inside, use the toilet and are quiet, says Geerte do, head of amsterdam & partners, the city’s PR agency, to CNN.

In 2019, 20 million international tourists visited Amsterdam, of which 70 percent came from Germany, Belgium and England.