An animated series is coming with Nick Fury and Ryan Reynolds

Futha Mucka announced a new animated series, which will star actors Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson.

Two of the most beloved actors by fans of superhero movies will soon star in a animated series. We are talking about Samuel L Jackson (known to all for the role of Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) and Ryan Reynolds (Interpreter of Deadpool). According to Variety, the two, who have already collaborated on the film How I Kill Your Bodyguard, will participate in a animated comedy rebroadcast on mobile streaming platform Quibi. The series, titled futha-muckaWas created by Jim Y Brian Kehoe. The brothers previously collaborated in 2017 for the erotic comedy Hands Down From Our Daughters.

Of futha-mucka We don’t know much at this point, other than a brief and ambiguous summary:

Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds love each other. More specifically, Ryan loves Sam. When a small incident causes Sam to become Ryan’s “caretaker,” things get weird. Ryan is happy to spend all his time with Sam, but Sam hasn’t voiced his opinion on it yet.

We really don’t know what to expect from this new title for the small screen. We hope that it will also be disclosed in our country, without prejudice to still no news about it. For all updates on this and other upcoming titles, stay tuned. We, as usual, will not fail to keep you updated constantly.

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