An enthusiast figured out how to add CarPlay to Tesla – Wylsacom

Tesla vehicles do not support Apple CarPlay. Many owners do not like this. Polish developer Michal Gapinski has found a way to add CarPlay to his Tesla Model 3.

Changes to the hardware of the car did not have to be made. The developer bypassed Wi-Fi restrictions and connected to a third-party device using a standard browser.

The system uses a Raspberry Pi mini computer with a special version of Android. Since everything works through the browser, the response of the system directly depends on the speed of LTE.

CarPlay is complete and allows you to not only play music from Apple Music, but also answer calls and notifications. You can control the system through the buttons on the steering wheel.

The developer plans to increase the stability of the connection and improve the response, and when the project is ready, all the details will appear on the network.