An international conference on Belarus is held in Vienna

An international conference on Belarus is held in ViennaUģis Lībietis

According to Austria, the conference organizer, the aim of the meeting is to seek a constructive approach to a peaceful and dialogue-based solution to the crisis in Belarus.

However, according to one of the opposition activists, Pavel Latchko, in a situation where the opposition has been suppressed or exiled, independent media have been suppressed, NGOs and human rights organizations have been disbanded, there is little hope that Belarusian authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko can do so.

The use of migrants in a hybrid war against the European Union is also proof that non-standard solutions are needed in a non-standard situation.

Over the weekend, Lukashenko said he was ready to engage in dialogue only with the patriotic opposition in Belarus itself, and not with traitors who had gone abroad.


In the summer of 2021, the number of migrants trying to enter the territory of Latvia, Lithuania and Poland illegally increased significantly. Most migrants have come from Iraq.

Officials in the Baltic states and Poland said the Belarusian authorities deliberately did not obstruct the crossing of the border in order to punish them for supporting the Belarusian opposition and sanctions against Alexander Lukashenko’s regime.

The European Union describes this as a hybrid war and promises to help strengthen the EU’s external border.

On November 8, a large group of migrants gathered at the Belarusian border with Poland in an attempt to enter the European Union, but Poland refuses to allow these people because they believe they are not “refugees” but “tourists” who have come to Belarus voluntarily.

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