Swamp thing has officially found his swamp thing … the man and the monster.

The upcoming DC Universe streaming series has Andy Bean (Transformers: The last knight) in the role of Alec Holland, the scientist whose work leads to its transformation into titular nature. Also Derek Mears (who portrayed Jason Voorhees in 2009) Friday the 13th reboot) is also on board as Holland, post-transformation.

The casting announcement (via deadline) was not unexpected. Just yesterday, we reported that Will Patton had an important supporting role as business magnate and antagonist Avery Sunderland. Just days before, reports surfaced that horror veterinarian Virginia Madsen took on the role of Sunderland's wife Maria.

Bean rides a hot line. He recently won with his recurring role in HBO drama Here and now (unfortunately canceled after only one season). This led to his casting in one of the biggest hits of the year 2019: It's chapter twoin which he depicts the adult version of the Losers' Club's nerd, Stan Uris.

As far as Mears is concerned, he has been a popular hockey mask slasher on the small screen since his turn. Only last year he was introduced in supporting turns The Orville, Marvel's agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., and The Lightning, Mears is both an experienced stuntman and an actor. He usually appears under layers and layers of strong make-up and prosthetics – which means his new appearance Swamp thingThe vegetation-based beast should not be sweat.

The plot of the series focuses on Abby Arcane (Teen wolf Actress Crystal Reed), an investigator who dug into mysterious events associated with the marshes and swamps of a small town in Louisiana. Bean's Holland is a scientist whose potentially life-prolonging work also ties in with the swamps, bringing him into contact with mystical powers and transforming him into a monstrous hero. Mears, who in the past has been extremely effective in conveying human emotions among all of these make-up layers, will be tasked with depicting Holland's struggle to capture his humanity in the process of his transformation.

Now on board with his co-leads Swamp thing is ready to seriously increase his production. DC Universe already has enormous potential in its hands Titans, the series led by Robin, which is very well received by the fans. With Doom Patrol and Stargirl Also on the go, the streaming service seems to take it seriously that it creates its own unique original content. The fans have been plaguing Alec Holland and his alter ego since Wes Craven's 1982 Theater Camp Festival and its sequel to 1989, to receive a serious dramatic treatment, and they will not have to wait much longer.

Swamp thing is expected to debut sometime in 2019 on DC Universe.


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