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May 21st is the “Little Man” in China’s 24 solar terms. Audi teamed up with the “young god” Andy Lau to launch a promotional video with the theme of “Little Man”.

Exquisite pictures and copywriting that conforms to the golden mean of traditional Chinese culture, and then narrated by Andy Lau’s calm and magnetic voice, instantly detonated the entire Internet, rushed to the hot search on major social platforms, and played hundreds of millions of views on the entire Internet.

However, the “slap in the face” came so quickly.

In the early morning of May 22, Douyin user “Mange Peking University” posted a video, accusing Audi of plagiarizing his copywriting, which caused a thousand waves, and finally caused Audi and Andy Lau’s official accounts to urgently delete the video. The sky-high marketing expenses are in vain, and the discussion about celebrity endorsement advertising infringement is still fermenting…

Andy’s shortest-lived advertising endorsement

This may be Andy Lau’s “shortest-lived” advertising endorsement video.

May 21st of this year coincides with the “Little Man” in China’s 24 solar terms. To most people, the 24 solar terms seem both familiar and unfamiliar, but this year’s “Xiaoman” solar term has been washed out by an advertising video.

In the film, Andy Lau expressed his views on Xiaoman’s solar term: “On Xiaoman’s day, the rain began to increase, and the rivers began to fill up; the wheat ears began to fill up, but they were not completely full; so Xiaoman’s state is particularly good… that is, we have been In the pursuit of perfection, it does not have to be perfect.”

Andy Lau fell into Audi’s “plagiarism door”. (Photo: Audi)

Andy Lau also wrote a poem in the film: “The flowers are not in full bloom and the moon is not yet full, and the mountain is slightly drunk and the rest is full of joy. Why worry about profit and loss, in the end, Xiaoman wins everything.”

Generally speaking, commercial advertising has a strong atmosphere and it is difficult to resonate with users, but this video calls for more space and leeway in your life, which makes people feel a strong sense of goodwill and prompts this video to quickly go out of the circle.

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Chinese new media “Leopard Change” reported that people close to Audi said that the video was shared on a large scale within the company, and everyone really liked it. Peng Yangjun, the director of the advertising film, also posted on Weibo at noon on May 21, claiming: “This is the most relaxing and enjoyable film he has ever directed. Brother Hua is as peaceful and professional as always. Thank you to all my friends, Thank you client for your contribution.”

Perhaps, the problem of alleged plagiarism in advertisements lies in the “first draft”: the lack of necessary review and rigor.

In the early morning of May 22, “Mengge Peking University” released a video, claiming that after the above advertisement was released, it caused him a lot of trouble. Many users left messages under his account, accusing him of the original “flowers are not fully open and the moon is not full”. “It was plagiarizing Zeng Guofan’s words, so he had to come out and clarify.

He said that the poem started with a quote from Zeng Guofan, and then it was his own original creation. He also said that the copy of the above-mentioned advertising video was copied from a video he released in 2018, almost word for word, but his creative process and original statement were removed.

“Peking University Mange” said that the video is full of embedded advertisements from the beginning to the end, and various brands are displayed at the end, which makes him feel that his beloved “child” is being used and become a tool to make money.

The clarification video released by “Peking University Mange” has more than 100,000 likes and retweets.

Peking University Mange
Peking University Mange

Netizens who reacted also expressed that they were “fudged” by Audi’s advertisement, decisively “turned into black”, and complained: “I have seen a copy, but I have never seen such a complete copy, the first time in my life”; “The manufacturer What is important is exposure, as for plagiarism, it is no longer important, as long as the purpose is achieved”; “10,000 yuan of copyright fees are saved, but the reputation is lost.”

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At about 11:00 on May 22, Audi issued a statement saying that the above-mentioned advertising video copy was suspected of infringement, causing trouble to Andy Lau and “Peking University Mange”, and apologized for this. put up this video.

Almost at the same time, Andy Lau’s Douyin account also deleted the above-mentioned advertisement video. Later, Andy Lau said on the official website: “I have 100% respect for the originality. In this incident, I personally deeply regret the problems that the advertising team had in the creative process and the trouble it caused to Brother Man. Audi and the advertising agency It is being seriously dealt with now.”

On the afternoon of May 22, the above-mentioned advertising agency also issued a statement on the official WeChat account, saying that due to the lack of copyright awareness of the company’s Audi service team, they directly used the Douyin blogger “Peking University Mange” without communicating with the copyright owner. Regarding the content of the video of “Xiaoman” in Chinese, I apologize for the great inconvenience and trouble it has caused to Andy Lau, “Peking University Mange” and the FAW Audi brand, and promise to make up for the loss of the original author.

Who pays for plagiarism?

After the infringement of Audi advertising copy, who will pay for this incident has become another focus of public opinion.

In the comment area of ​​related videos, many netizens took the initiative to “wash white” for Andy Lau, claiming that Andy couldn’t pick up the copywriting word by word, and Andy was also a victim. Advertising agencies and Audi have become the focus of netizens’ complaints.

The person in charge of a multinational car factory told Leopard Change that the car manufacturer is also estimated to have been pitted by the content provider, but this matter can be held accountable and can claim compensation from the content provider, but the public relations level must be done by Audi itself.

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The above-mentioned person in charge said: “The specific processing process is relatively complicated, and it may be necessary to compensate the original content producer first; it is estimated that Andy Lau will have to pay money because of the indirect reputation damage; it is necessary to find out the root cause of the problem with the first-level agent, and then be held accountable. ”

Xu Qing, the head of the public relations company, said bluntly that the occurrence of such an accident is a devastating blow to the advertising agency, which means that the entire business line and even the entire company’s jobs will be ruined.

She said that in this type of car factory, some suppliers are “Queen’s” and live on one customer. If it is a large advertising company, in such a situation, the business team in charge of the case may be collectively “laid off”, and the person in charge of auditing by Audi will also be held accountable; if the advertising company is not large and relies heavily on a single customer, it is estimated that It will be “finished” quickly, and the reputation may stink, but you can also change the “vest” and make a comeback.

Xu Qing said: “The executive layer is too stupid, and the review layer is not rigorous. This is not an ordinary advertising copy. All the staff were trapped by the copywriting plan, but the copywriter could not take this responsibility, and it is estimated that a line will be finished. I guess the copywriting There are several versions, this one may have been made up, but it was accidentally chosen.”

After the plagiarism incident, Audi’s public relations department was probably the busiest. People close to Audi told “Leopard Change” that the company issued a statement and took down the film very quickly, and the public relations department was so busy that it was about to collapse.

The person said: “The advertising company is expected to lose a lot. I don’t know if the contract has unlimited compensation. If there is, it will be miserable.”