Anglet will play in National 2 next season

“We took a big hit on the head, it was very hard to miss this accession sportingly”, traced the co-president of the club Bruno Justes. But now, with the withdrawal of Saint-Sulpice-sur-Lèze, the FFR began to offer the two best-ranked clubs in the group stages, not qualified for the climb (Castelsarrasin and Anglet), to weigh the pros. and against.

A time for reflection

We had to think, and then the AORC – players and managers included – decided. “At the beginning of the week, we had a meeting to see the trend, explains the manager. We discussed with the group later and most of us wanted to try the adventure. “The mail sent to the authorities of French rugby, Anglet waited an hour before having an answer. Castelsarrasin, the higher ranked of the two teams, had priority but declined.

“Sportingly, it was hard and the specifications were also too tough to turn around so quickly, in just a few days. To make a separate hopeful team, to have a certified training center, to find the necessary budget, it is heavy”, justified Philippe Bertrand, co-president of the CAC, with our colleagues from “La Dépêche du Midi”.

This almost unexpected repechage allows the AORC to validate its initial objective, set before the season. The club is now aware of what it has to do. “We are going to have a lot of work, especially on the issue of partnerships, but we are going to stick together. As our coach said, we will be true to ourselves; we will be the itching hairs of the division. »