Anies’ story Farewell at City Hall Residents flock to come


Anies Baswedan recalled his farewell moments as Governor of DKI Jakarta last week. Anies admitted that he never expected the enthusiasm of the public to let him go at City Hall so high.

The moment was told by Anies Baswedan while attending the Go-Anies National Working Meeting and reading the pledge of determination to support Anies Baswedan as the 2022 Presidential Candidate at the Bidakara Hotel, South Jakarta on Sunday (23/10/2022). Anies was initially honored to be trusted as a presidential candidate in 2024 by the volunteers present today.

“I feel very grateful this afternoon to be able to meet all of my friends and let me start by expressing my gratitude. I humbly express my appreciation for the trust held,” said Anies Baswedan.



Anies then said that while on duty in the capital city, he had never once made an advertisement in the mass media regarding the realization of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government program. According to him, his party chose to show its performance through concrete evidence.

“Ladies and gentlemen, may check in Jakarta until now we have never had a secretariat. We have never advertised in newspapers, we have never advertised online, we have never placed television advertisements, never. works, and works,” he explained.

According to him, this step resulted in a relationship that was built between the local government and its citizens that went beyond the technocratic relationship.

“Only behind the work there are narratives and ideas. There is an effort for us to build, change Jakarta. We really did not imagine even at the end, how the relationship that had been built so far turned out to be beyond technocratic relations, beyond political relations. in this city,” he said.

This relationship was proven by the people who flocked to City Hall on their last day of duty as DKI 1. The community, he said, took the initiative to visit City Hall without being accommodated by transportation by the DKI Provincial Government.

“Just last week, last Sunday when we ended. I didn’t think that our friends from Jakartans came to City Hall beyond all expectations. Usually when there is an event in Jakarta, (for example) the Muharram festival or birthday, we prepare buses in the urban village. urban village. Residents who want to join should not have problems with vehicles. They come in droves,” he explained.

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