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The number of Slovak hockey players in the next year’s KHL may soon increase. After Michal Tchaikovsky, Christián Jaroš, Michal Krištof and Patrik Rybár, Tomáš Jurčo does not rule out continuing his work in the Russian competition.

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Tomáš Jurčo (right) in an archive picture in the Barysu Nur-Sultan jersey.

Last season, the Slovak striker played in the Kazakh team Barys Nulsutan, who performed in the mentioned league, after many years overseas.

“I had several serious injuries and less physical hockey suits me better. I think I felt good from that point of view as well. The season was great, “he praised the new experience for Goals – points – seconds of RTVS.

Foreign players signing contracts have faced criticism since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The topic of whether they have a moral right to represent also comes to the fore, as they make money in a country that is a military aggressor.

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The bronze medalist from Beijing is undergoing individual preparation after the injuries and will be looking for a new club in August. It can also be a whole from the KHL.

“Just because a player signs there doesn’t mean he supports the war. He also thinks of his family, his children and, in fact, his generations, and if he can secure them with one season in the KHL, which will take as many as five seasons elsewhere, we have to look at it anyway, “says Jurčo.

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What does it say about the criticism of players with contracts in Russia?

“Whether one or the other of us will play there will not affect whether the war continues or not. I think that everyone firmly hopes that it will end as soon as possible, “concluded the 29-year-old Košice pupil.

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