This is the coldest case of all time.

In the first attempted murder ever on the frozen continent of Antarctica, a Russian scientist allegedly snapped and allegedly tried to stab a colleague because the victim gave away the ends of books.

Sergey Savitsky had tried to bridge the lonely months at Bellingshausen station on King George Island with literature, but his colleague Oleg Beloguzov made it impossible to enjoy his hobby.

"[He] kept saying [him] the ends of books before he read them, "The Sun reported citing an unnamed source.

On October 9, 55-year-old Savitsky finally had enough and was reportedly putting a kitchen knife in the chest of his 52-year-old tormentor. Russian authorities said that part of the heart of Beloguzov was injured.

Beloguzov, a welder, was flown to the nearest hospital in Chile, where he is expected to survive.

The men had previously worked together for four cold years in the facility. Officials said that while the Lesestreit was the last straw, the tightness of the camp in remote Antarctica played a role in reinforcing the attack.

"Both are professional scientists who have worked on our expeditions and spent years at the station," said Deputy Director of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, Alexander Klepikov, the Russian news agency Komsomolskaya Pravda.

"It's up to the investigators to figure out what triggered the conflict, but both men are members of our team," he said.

Savitsky was deported to St. Petersburg, Russia, and charged with attempted murder on 22 October.

Savitsky admitted that he had been stabbed, but claimed that he had no intention of killing him, the Russian news agency Nevskie Novosti reported, citing sources of prosecution.

The station, founded by the Soviets in 1968, is located in one of the few mild regions of the Antarctic, with winter temperatures at a mild 15 degrees.

Workers can spend time switching between two Russian TV channels, working out in a gym, or reading in the research library.


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