Anthem: next-gen versions, PS + / Xbox Live subscription mandatory, developers answer many questions


The launch ofAnthem high-speed approach, especially for subscribers to the different services ofElectronic Arts on PC and Xbox One, which will play from February 15. With the two presentation videos of the game, the main elements of scenario, personalization, progression and high-level activities have already been discussed. However, a Q & A session was held on February 7 on the accounts Twitter Chad Robertson (@crobertson_atx), Mark Darrah (@BioMarkDarrah) and Ben Irving (@BenIrvo), giving rise to a few clarifications and new elements to know.

Anthem vignette 19 01 2019

In other words, with the medium used it is not easy to navigate to access specific information about the game. That's why we have gathered all the details given in this article and classified them . Put yourself in your chair, there is something to read!


  • The scenario never stops, it is a world in constant evolution (to understand by that in addition to the history presents at the beginning, contents will be added regularly).


  • of the Javelins additional resources will emerge in the future.

  • No Javelin Of type therapist is not planned, developers do not want to force players to be stuck in a role (Tank, DPS…), but rather offer some flexibility across the sets of equipment to play offensive, defensive or as a support.
  • The Javelins will have no gender differentiation according to the gender of the driver.
  • It is not possible to change Javelin without going back to the base.
  • The possibility of changing the ultimate capacity of the Javelin could be given in the future.
  • The melee weapons of each Javelin can not be changed at launch.
  • The loot harvested will tend to be destined to Javelin the most used.
  • No training zone to test the Javelins is not planned.


  • No locking system is provided for the equipment, but the equipped one can not be removed. It will therefore be necessary to pay attention when dismantling the loot !
  • Objects can be deleted in a batch from the safe.
  • The reason why it is only possible to change equipment Wrought is just to avoid waiting for the squad members on the ground.
  • It is impossible to increase the level of a weapon.
  • There will be no weapon over scarcity Legendary at launch.
  • The bosses will not have loot launch specificbut the subject is under study.
  • There will be no basic weapons or ammo at launch, maybe not following, but they will not initiate a combo. The developers want the equipment focus to be focused on primers and detonators.
  • Capacities not falling into the category bait or Detonator inflict more damage, but do not make a combo.


  • Efforts have been made to personalize Javelins, not on the Pilot, which will only be entitled to a face selection from a predefined list.
  • It will not be possible to change the color of LPs.
  • of the LPs (the skins for Javelins) in connection with events or sponsored should emerge.
  • No, there will be no vinyl with the appearance ofIron Man, at least not before a conversation between BioWare and Disney
  • The color of the thrusters and the viewfinder can not be changed, but the developers would like.
  • The game economy will be constantly evolving, so that cosmetics and other items to buy can be obtained in a reasonable time.
  • The items sold in stores will change regularly, being able to be bought with one of the two currencies available (coins won while playing and shrapnel obtained with real money).
  • The different types of cosmetics that can be obtained will be armor, emotes, banners and LPs.
  • No system of loot boxes for cosmetics is not expected!

Social features

  • The Free game unfortunately will not have a private session.
  • Even if the idea is interesting, there will be in the short term only 4 players per session in Free game, no more.
  • You just have to finish the tutorial before you can play with other players.
  • Invitations can be sent in-game to join a squad.
  • All the missions of the scenario can be carried out solo as well as with other players.
  • It will not be possible to be accompanied by AI in fortresses, only three other players.
  • Similarly, it will not be possible to complete the fortresses alone, no matter the difficulty.
  • During demos, if a member of the squad left the game with a goal in progress, it could block him for all other players. This problem is fixed and the matchmaking will even replace the person in certain situations.
  • No system to evict players from a squad, as this would add toxicity to the game, according to the developers, but inactive players will be disconnected after a while.
  • It is however possible to transfer a guest player to a group, but not those connected by the matchmaking.


  • There will be no PvP at launch.
  • New activities will be included over time, the idea of ​​offering races seems to interest the developers.
  • The elements of the planning added after the exit will be partly available permanently. Those who are not able to return later.
  • Screenwriting content and cataclysms will be available for free for everyone after the launch.
  • The cataclysms are an ambitious element for developers with challenging challenges and higher rewards going with it.
  • Content similar to raids will likely be released in the first year of the gamedespite the presence of cataclysms.
  • The developers want the cataclysms are ambitious, meaningful, demanding, require a high level of coordination and are the places to get the best rewards fromAnthem.
  • The Guildswho will arrive in March, will not have a social space dedicated to them, even if the idea is interesting.
  • There will be no companions in the manner of Dragon Age.
  • No romance at game launch, but nothing prevents the developers to include later if the players ask. However, nothing is planned at the moment.
  • Recommended "power" levels will be indicated for activities in difficulty Grand Master.


  • Various optimizations are planned for the launch, a big work was done in comparison with the rendering of the demo. Load times should be faster.
  • An update at launch will increase the running speed of our Pilot in Fort Tarsis, with improvements in camera and responsiveness of movements.
  • TheXP and the loot will be obtained by leaving or finishing a mission, the bugs of the demo to be corrected at launch.
  • Balancing arms will be at the heart of the developers' concerns so that no meta type does not appear and that there are different game options in endgame.
  • An option is being considered for the animation of Javelins did not pass when a expedition is thrown.
  • It is expected that the end screen ofexpedition be improved after launch, adding why not various statistics.
  • A spectator camera could be added to allow players to follow the action while waiting to be resuscitated.
  • The addition of landmarks on the map is under study.

Technical details

  • There will be no Cross-Play to the output, but the developers do not seem against the idea.
  • The support ofAnthem should obviously continue for several years.
  • It will be possible to recover our backups on the next generation of consoles, confirming in passing that there should be PS5 versions / Xbox Scarlett Anthem.
  • The DualShock 4 will not be supported natively on PC, but a driver will use it.
  • No text chat at launch.
  • No mode Photo is not expected in the short term.
  • It is possible to uninstall the demo without fear, the rewards for playing it will be well accounted for.
  • Content unlocked during demos will not be retained at the exit.
  • After the 15th of February, changelogs describing the changes made to the game will begin to be shared (on the 15th and 22nd for the first ones).
  • The content of the edition Legion of the Dawn can be equipped once the tutorial is over and access to the Wrought unlocks.
  • No companion app is planned for the launch.
  • Anthem being intrinsically multiplayer, he will ask for a subscription PS + or Xbox Live to play, even alone.
  • It will not be possible to change your mind (from the third person to the first person).
  • The day-night cycle is dynamic.

That's a lot to digest, but you now have all the elements at your disposal to decide whether or not to go through the purchase box by the exit ofAnthem February 22 on PS4, Xbox One and PC, even from the 15 for some.

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