Anthony Edwards posterizes Sengun twice… but respects him

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Anthony Edwards has fire in the legs at the moment and the Rockets paid the price tonight. Alperen Sengun specifically. Edwards finished with 44 points in the Wolves win and delivered two thunderous dunks with the Turk on the wrong side of the poster.

Two very spectacular firecrackers that do not prevent AntMan from respecting his opponent, even if he has trouble remembering his name.

“At halftime I told Kenyon Martin Jr that he was still very low on the pitch and that I was going to dunk him again. And it happened again. Respect to him though, I I’m afraid I say his name wrong, at number 28. Sengun? He’s really very good.”

As we always say, it’s only the guys who don’t defend who never take a poster. Alperen Sengun is not yet a top defender, but the intention is there. The rest of the panoply is in any case already incredible and everyone noticed it in the NBA. Nikola Jokic was full of praise for him a few weeks ago, even saying that Houston should involve him more in the game.

Alperen Sengun: hands made for gold, but at the Rockets

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