Antifa graffiti: FPÖ condemns attack on publisher and student association

Leopold Stocker Verlag and Corps Vandalia Graz were smeared by suspected left-wing extremists. The FPÖ offers 1,000 euros for information on the perpetrators. In addition, the Freedom Party want to “relentlessly point out” overlaps between Antifa and parties in the future.

Graz. – In the past few days there have been alleged left-wing extremist graffiti in Graz. This time it hit the publishing house of Leopold Stocker Verlag, where the unknown perpetrators threw several bags of paint onto the facade. Furthermore, the threat “Burschis break their legs” was sprayed on the door of the student fraternity Corps Vandalia Graz.

FPÖ condemns left-wing extremist attacks

The FPÖ Graz reacted to the two cases on Wednesday and spoke of a left-wing extremist attack. The FPÖ community council club is offering a bonus of 1,000 euros for relevant information about the perpetrators.

“Unfortunately, after the renewed attack on a Graz publishing house and a Graz student fraternity, I have to repeat: I condemn these cowardly attacks in the strongest possible terms and invite the other Graz parties to condemn these cowardly attacks and violence directed against people, who do not live according to left-wing worldviews, decidedly reject it!” said FPÖ club chairman Alexis Pascuttini – himself a member of Corps Vandalia – in a broadcast.

Point out overlaps between left-wing extremists and left-wing parties

There are regular left-wing graffiti and attacks in Graz. Student associations in particular are often affected by this. For this reason, the FPÖ community council club had already submitted an urgent application against the increasing vandalism in Graz and to protect third-party property in June 2021. This was accepted against the votes of the KPÖ, the Greens and the SPÖ. The FPÖ accuses the left town hall coalition – consisting of KPÖ, SPÖ and Greens – of still having no interest in investigating this “politically motivated vandalism” or in providing suitable measures and support services for the victims. “In future we will take a close look at the connections and overlaps between left-wing extremists and Graz parties and show them relentlessly,” announced Pascuttini.

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