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Apple has investigated the application of the "Abshar" application in Saudi Arabia to prevent women from traveling

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Men can use a prettier application to prevent women from traveling abroad without their permission

Apple, the world's smart phone and communications technology giant, has decided to investigate a Saudi application on its iPhone that can be used to track women and prevent them from traveling.

Tim Cook, Apple's chief executive of NPR, said he was not familiar with Abshar's application in Saudi Arabia, but would look into it.

Human rights organizations have criticized the application, which is used primarily to access government services in the kingdom.

Democratic Senator Ron Wyden called on Apple and Google to remove the application from their smartphone stores.

Women in Saudi Arabia need permission from their parents to leave the country, usually with the father or husband.

Saudi Arabia is dedicated to applying for government agencies, such as renewing driving licenses, which makes travel prohibitions or permits much easier, and can be done via a smartphone.

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The application was originally designed for the Saudi Ministry of Interior, used for several years and downloaded more than a million times.

An investigation conducted by the Insider Web site revealed how male parents use the application to register wives, sisters and daughters either to restrict their travel abroad or to allow it.

A male guardian receives a notification from the application if a lady in charge is to leave the country.

"Such applications can facilitate human rights abuses, including discrimination against women," Human Rights Watch said.

In an open letter to the companies Apple and Google, in response to the report, Senator Wyden wrote: "US companies should not empower or facilitate the patriarchal power system of the Saudi government, which seeks to restrict and suppress Saudi women."

Some women used the app to secretly change the settings on their male guardian's phone so he could travel, according to the Insider report.

Google did not respond to the BBC questions and did not comment on the news.


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