Apple has been slowly increasing the average price of iPhone handsets since 2007, but it has made a quantum leap more than usual with the release of the iPhone X last year for $ 999. After a year and the shock of that $ 1,000 smartphone The iPhone XR and iPhone XS and the most expensive iPhone for iPhone XS Max, starting at $ 1099 and up to $ 1449 for the 512 model. Gigabytes of internal storage space.

The price of last year's iPhone X seems not to be great for the company's fans, prompting it to raise the bet with the iPhone Xs Max this year, and it has become a habit for the company to charge more and more money for the latest model of its iPhone Year after the iPhone 7 Plus was launched in 2017 at $ 769, followed by iPhone X for $ 999.

Apple typically increases the price of the next iPhone model by about $ 100 a year, but last year it made a jump of $ 230, which was a shock to even its most loyal product owners. Some attributed the jump to high cost smartphones such as OLED Chips and more advanced sensors, so that these components need to cost more to produce them at the level desired by Apple.

This explanation seems unacceptable given the fall in component prices from last year, and does not justify the company increasing the price of the latest iPhone lineup. It is clear that Apple no longer sees its user base growing as fast as it used to, It has moved to ensure that it gets more money from existing iPhone owners by charging additional costs to its new devices.

It has consistently tried to ensure that consumers who are affected by prices are not excluded, making them less expensive models within their range, so the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in 2017 maintained the same price as the previous models, with a cost of $ 699 and 799 US dollars, respectively, and tried this year to attract all consumers by offering an iPhone XR at a cost of $ 714 USD.

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The iPhone XR can save a much more modest cost compared to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max because it has an LCD screen rather than an OLED display, along with a number of other differences. The company has introduced a variety of iPhone phones with varying price levels with the launch of a phone iPhone 6 Plus, which costs $ 749 in 2014.

"I have made Apple a deliberate test of the price elasticity of its products in the past few years and found that customers have an appetite for buying devices," said Wayne Liam, analyst at IHS Markit. IPhone is the most expensive, "and the Chinese are ready to get the most expensive iPhone phones, where Apple's brand name is seen as a luxury and luxury guide.

Biggest phones are also best sellers in China, so it makes sense for Apple to provide a bigger iPhone than ever before to satisfy that hungry market. Avi Greengart, research director at GlobalData, said: iPhone Xs Max in gold will be enormous in China, where consumers prefer there are large sizes and golden color as a luxury guide. "

Apple added a new interface, new cams and new features to justify the price of the new iPhone, and most customers are unlikely to pay more for using the scrolling method instead of the home button or face recognition instead of fingerprints for security, but customers here pay the price Brand, where they want the Apple logo on the back of a large rectangle in golden color.

If consumers in the United States think they pay as much as $ 1,500 for a higher-end version of the iPhone Xs Max with 512GB of internal storage, it's better to think again, as consumers in other parts of the world have to pay more for The same device, costing in China, Russia and the United Kingdom about 1860 US dollars or more, while the cost of US $ 1970 in Italy.



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