Apple is reportedly testing E-Ink color display technology for an ‘iPhone Fold’

Star analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has with his Twitter-Account made the latest Apple rumors even easier to access and is now throwing a new idea into the room. Apple should deal with the E-Ink color display technology in order to later integrate a second screen with this technology in a foldable.

Of course, Apple will not use a front display with e-ink, but rather use e-ink for an outer display, as is the case with the Galaxy Z Fold, for example. The time, the date or even incoming messages could then be displayed here. The use of an e-ink display sounds exciting, but so far the corresponding smartphones have been based on OLED technology.

The advantages of e-ink are obvious: the displays require less battery and are still easy to read even in direct sunlight. For an external display, that sounds like a good choice.

At this point we must also state: Although Apple is repeatedly said that a kind of iPhone Fold is in the works, we are still waiting for the first model. And of course, Apple’s plans are subject to change at any time, and anything beyond imagining the technology being researched and tested would be pure speculation at this point.

Photo 1: Antonio De Rosa.

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