Appointment of a diploma employee to operate fryers in the Council with a shocking salary! • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Kuwaiti National Assembly Representative Abdul Aziz Al-Saqbai attacked the abuses in the issue of appointment and salaries, which took place during the presidency of the last National Assembly. The Kuwaiti MP reviewed reports from the Audit Bureau showing the extent of abuses in appointments, jobs, and assignments, stressing that these abuses are shameful.

Al-Saqbai indicated that a reward of 4,000 Kuwaiti dinars per month was paid to an employee of an advisor in the National Assembly who did not meet the conditions, adding: When the Audit Bureau asked the General Secretariat of the previous parliament about the reason for disbursing this reward, they indicated that the matter came with the approval of the former parliament speaker.

The representative attacked these practices, saying: Neither the speaker, nor the vice president, nor the council’s office, nor the nation’s representatives, have the right to spend a penny from the state treasury unjustly, adding: This is not a private company, it is public funds and has sanctity.

He also indicated the appointment of a diploma employee in the operation of fryers and turbines, in the National Assembly, with a salary of two thousand dinars, a monthly reward, commenting: “No one knows, what is his role in the parliament with this certificate.”

Al-Saqbai stressed that the biggest problem is that this employee, after less than a year, is proven in Parliament in the Public Relations Department with a salary of 3,000 and a half dinars, expressing his displeasure: the best national cadres in the country, you cannot get a job with half or a quarter of this salary.

He concluded by saying: The National Assembly, which is supposed to be an example of transparency, justice and integrity, unfortunately has become an example of nepotism, nepotism and corruption, calling for the formation of an investigation committee to correct the course.