ArchitekTour Graubünden and Zurich – Switzerland

Graubünden and Zurich – Switzerland, 01.10. – 04.10.2022

Category: concrete in architecture

Visit the impressive modern architecture of Switzerland. Selected award-winning concrete structures and projects with forward-looking ideas and building materials will be exclusively presented to you. The innovative buildings in Switzerland are exemplary for the handling of existing building fabric in combination with new building elements, especially with regard to the building material concrete.

Among other things, the Plantahof educational center in Graubünden with its extensions, which stands for sustainability and modern area development of the 21st century, will be visited. The bridges over the Viamala Gorge from Iseppi / Kurath from Thusis show the special interplay of nature and outstanding engineering work.
This trip will also introduce new ideas in urban planning and inner-city landscape architecture.

Well-known architects such as Peter Zumthor, Valerio Olgiati, Barozzi Veiga from Barcelona and Santiago Calatrava have realized their impressive architectural style in Switzerland. In addition to their construction projects, which are admired worldwide, the ‘open-air living room’ by vetschpartner landscape architects in the heart of Zurich will be presented to you as a special highlight. Then enjoy a stroll along the lake to Le Corbusier’s 1967 Pavilion.

Please see the attached PDF file for the full program of the ArchitekTour trip to Graubünden and Zurich.

The trip takes place from 01.-04. October 2022.

registration deadline is September 10, 2022

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The following downloads are available for this event:Registration form-AT-GraubuendenZürich.pdfFlyer-ArchitekTour-GraubuendenZuerich2022-10.pdf