Are These the Colors & Memories of the Samsung Galaxy S23, which will be released next February? – The Samsung Galaxy S23 will be released in February at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event. So far, leaks have been circulating regarding the contents of the Samsung Galaxy S23. But of course, the leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S23 are not completely true, before they are officially introduced to the public.

Reported from Phone ArenaMonday (9/1), although it is still in the nature of rumors of information about the Samsung Galaxy S23, but based on searches Phone Arena, there is some information that is arguably valid about the specifications of Samsung’s flagship smartphone. They got the news from Smartphone Industry Analyst, Ross Young and tipster from Snoppy Tech on his Twitter.

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Here are the main colors on the Samsung Galaxy S23 which are likely to cover the newest cellphone:

  1. Beige (to be marketed as “Cotton Flower”)
  2. Black (aka “Phantom Black”)
  3. Green (Botanical Green)
  4. Hot pink (Misty Lilac)

Even so, according to Young’s analyst there are some special colors that will most likely only be sold through Samsung’s official e-store and possibly in a limited number of markets. That color is:

  1. Gray
  2. Light blue
  3. Light green
  4. Red

The colors are said to have been confirmed. But only for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.


Here are the possible storage and memory variants for the Galaxy S23 series:

  1. 128GB/RAM 8GB – S23
  2. 256GB/RAM 8GB – S23; S23 Plus; S23 Ultra
  3. 512GB/RAM 8GB – S23+
  4. 512GB/RAM 12GB – S23 Ultra
  5. 1TB/12GB RAM – S23 Ultra (maybe)

Looking at this composition, it seems that Samsung is still using 128GB of storage memory this year, at least for the Galaxy S23 base model. It should be noted that the information is still not fully confirmed by Samsung. This truth will be answered when Samsung officially introduces the Galaxy S23 to the public.