“Are you hiding behind the police?” The actor challenges Jarosław to a duel

Last week, the Constitutional Court ruled that eugenic abortion was inconsistent with the Basic Law. The decision was made by a majority of votes. Two judges – Leon Kieres and Piotr Pszczółkowski – submitted their dissenting opinion. After the decision of the Constitutional Tribunal, protests broke out in many cities in Poland.

Feminist and leftist organizations have been organizing protests for several days, also in churches. More and more photos of devastated temples appear on the Internet. Feminists also protest in the streets. On Monday, they announced a blockade of the largest cities in Poland.

“This is war”

The actor Łukasz Simlat posted a curious entry regarding the current situation related to the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal. In his entry, he demands … a duel with Jarosław Kaczyński. As the actor writes, it should be a duel for “awareness, education, understanding and empathy”.

“I challenge you to a duel of a psychopath and a religious deviant from Żoliborz and every backbone of your mindless servant. A duel for awareness, education, understanding and empathy. Are you hiding behind the police cordons? your peasant buddies dressed up in suits pretending to be eloquent and educated personas, “wrote Simlat.

Later in the post, the actor indicates why he posted such an emotional post.

“I’m fed up with nepotism, cunning, indolence, inability, incompetence, cynicism and rudeness of the government. I’m fed up with the devastation and theft of this state. I’m fed up with watching you struggle against the trough when the country is drowning in increasing debt. they will die when there are no places in hospitals and people die in ambulances or on the sidewalks “- he wrote.

“The methods of intimidation, denouncement, exclusion, ostracism, confabulation and cheating. I am fed up with this shallow and blunt TVP propaganda measuring all citizens with the measure of the foolishness and infantility of its creators. , he hates women and will punish everyone for his frustration. Ps You didn’t deserve capital letters “- the popular actor finished his entry.



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