are you ready to take up the 0 waste challenge?

They were about 100 households last year, they will be at least 150 this year. Until next Friday, December 9, 150 families can register for Mayor of Ecuillé and Vice-President of Angers Loire Métropole in charge of Waste and the Circular Economy, Jean-Louis Demois wish to have “homes representative of what we have on the territory. It can be one person, a couple alone, or with children, and that all are spread over several municipalities.with only one criterion: “to want”.

500 kilos of waste per year and per inhabitant

According to him, the volume of waste per inhabitant and per year has remained more or less the same over the past ten years, i.e. 500 kilos in Angers. However, “It has evolved, we sort much better, there are more sorting volumes, more things taken to recycling centers. But there remains a large volume that is called residual household waste. It’s 180 kilos per year and per inhabitant who are incinerated because they are not recycled”.

Through the 0 Waste Challenge, 150 households will therefore be supported for six months “so that they can discover little tricks and new ways of working to move towards zero waste”specifies the elected official. Five workshops will be offered and led by the WeAct association: reducing packaging January 28; compost March 4; reuse and repair of objects the 1is april ; the do it yourself” the 13th; anti-gasp kitchen the 13th from

150 households will be selected for the challenge, but Jean-Louis Demois assures us: it could be more if there are more registrations. A report on the challenge will finally be unveiled on June 30, 2023. Last year during the first edition, some participants had significantly reduced their waste volumesothers had on the contrary the feeling of not having saved so much.