Are you sure there isn’t something more important?

Ceuta Now! will ask in the next Plenary of Control about the implementation of the rate of occupation of public roads to ATMs. A measure approved unanimously in the Assembly in October 2016, at the proposal of the Ciudadanos group, and of which more than five years later nothing is known.

The localist formation wants to know if the local government has taken any steps to implement this rate. An imposition that he considers of great importance not so much for its collection effect but for “fiscal justice”.

It is good that Ceuta Now! worry about whether the plenary agreements are complied with, but there are agreements and agreements and this is precisely a tremendous bullshit, as is worrying about its compliance and whether or not a fee is charged for occupation of public roads to ATMs, It must be remembered that it is a convenient service for citizens and perhaps the collection of this fee could lead to branches and banking entities beginning to remove this type of service, which would be to the detriment of the citizens themselves.