Arezzo, kangaroo hit by a car and killed

The sightings

– Investigations are underway to understand the origin of the animal. As he remembers Arezzo News, the presence of a kangaroo has been reported for some time in the Aretino area. In August 2020 he was also filmed while he was jumping near the Calcione lake, in Valdichiana. Then the reports multiplied, reaching as far as the Sienese and the Valdarno.

The mayor: “I’m shocked”

– To announce the discovery of the animal was Simona Neri, mayor of Laterina Pergine Valdarno. “Early this morning I was informed by a fellow citizen of mine that along the provincial road of La Trove there was the carcass of a kangaroo, probably hit by a car during the night, and the intervention of the Municipality was requested to collect the body. some time there were reports of the presence of this particular animal, but not in our municipality

long wanderings

“, he said.

“I stayed


and I still am, sorry and embittered. This creature found itself living in a morphologically and climatically alien environment, totally isolated, without a reference herd,

without protective measures

suitable for its detention in captivity. Unfortunately, tonight’s was a

tragic epilogue

but all too obvious “, added Neri.

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