Around Jerusalem explodes Near East. “The U.S. is not a neutral mediator in the israeli-palestinian conflict”

Around Jerusalem explodes Near East. “The U.S. is not a neutral mediator in the israeli-palestinian conflict”


the enormous Blow that is reverberating already in a way that is confrontational in the most sensitive area of the planet, with the potential of immediately to cause an explosion without precedent, resulting in large areas of the populations that are muslim.

the Decision of Donald Trump’s can cause (if not already done) a readjustment of the large size of the muslim world in around an item of very high emotional intensity, I mean the threat of losing cultural and religious identity of the area of arab Jerusalem, where the Mosque Of al Aqsa, their symbol of the sacred, the oldest in the world and as important to their faith as well as Mecca.

Trump has decided to reverse the course of gaming widely accepted until now, including the entire international community. To recall that, of the 30 countries which had once had the embassy to Jerusalem, all withdrew from the ’80s with the official condemnation by the UN of the annexation of east Jerusalem by Isarel (you have HERE the text of the famous resolution 478 of 1980 ), the last countries who have made this gesture in 2006 as Costa Rica and El Salvador. And now, by the decision of the american, it put an end to any hopes to see somehow made the peace process based on the plan of two states, each with Jerusalem as its capital. On the contrary, we’ll be back in force at the talks started after the six day War (June 1967) when israeli forces annexed the entire area of east Jerusalem, whose new frontiers now include and two of its old sectors and is referred to as the “capital of the eternal and indivisible of the State of Israel and the jewish people”.

And fear the most is that, on the other hand, will be forgotten to the Oslo Accords of 1994 through which it is trying to solve the sovereignty and will return to the era of the tough and bloody of the early ’60s. Then, more precisely in 1964, the Palestine Liberation Organisation proclaiming its intention to declare east Jerusalem as the capital of Jerusalem, the idea pursued by the palestinian leadership, which proclaimed the Elections in 1988 “the establishment of arab Rule of Palestine on our land, palestine, with its capital in Jerusalem, Al-Qods Al-Sharif”.

Repositioning of the now american open is the possibility for Israel to demand the relocation of all foreign embassies from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem? Very hard, almost impossible to believe, be and due to the fact that we are now witnessing such an international reaction more than negative. It is, however, an event of symbolic importance infinitely greater than the debates about the diplomatic status of the representative office national: apparently, Israel has recognized the “right of ownership” over the holy places of the “city of the three times holy”, possibly a gesture of the utmost offense to the faithful muslims and christians.

of Course that’s not the case and that an interpretation in this sense is a force obviously malevolent in a impossible direction of supported by the facts. But that doesn’t mean it will be the main message of the propaganda that circulates already on the all islamic channels, strengthening them on the previous ones running on biofuel ISIS, Hamas or Hebollah. Message that puts the united states and on nationals her in a position of risk, but which at the same time weaken the extremely strong and the position of its allies in the arab world. Law, great attention to the messages unusually harsh, even with a tinge of absolute emergency, submitted by Turkey, the ally of the muslim in NATO, but also by two key countries from the point of view of the interests of the military in the Middle east, Jordan and Saudi Saudită…De what are they afraid of? Simply, in the immediately, that it could appear a tidal wave, extremely deep and broad, in support of the palestinian people is again seen as a martyr and who calls the muslim brothers in help. What, relatively easy, it can turn into a call to Jihad against Israel and to regain control over the holy lands.

on The other hand, the major countries from Europe (France, Germany, the Uk, Belgium, among many others) have expressed, and they deep concern about the gesture of the president of the US, fearing them of the consequences of the guess of the appearance of a conflict in the Near east which would translate into a growing hostility towards all who are perceived as allies of the americans.

of Course, it is about a possible scenario, but with quite a lot of chances to produce in the current context of the disappearance of the poles of power traditional in the Near East and the emergence of the new system influenced by the triangle Russia-Turkey-Iran. The one who now receives a gift unhoped, i.e. the possibility to establish their own channel of influence based on the offer of support to the palestinian population. Is what Turkey and started to do a few months, lina more the old message of Russia to support our friends in the arab world, the model effectively provided the Assad regime.

This is the context in which occurs a phrase key uttered yesterday by Saeb Erkat, the Secretary General of the PLO, who said that “as of this moment, the United States are disqualified from any role possible in some peace process” after Trump “destroyed” the solution “of two states”.

I Mean exactly what he said and Hassan Al Balawi from the representation of the palestinian in addition to the EU:

the US is no longer of this time a neutral mediator in the israeli-palestinian conflict.

In the same vein, the president of the palestinan Abbas said: “By these decisions, the deplorable, the U.S. undermines the deliberately all the efforts of peace and proclaims the fact that it abandons the role of sponsor of the peace process on which they have played in over the last few decades,”.

Great attention to these claims because they are the essential element of great novelty in developments of the last 24 hours. If, from the point of view of a palestinian, the United States are no longer the mediator, then who will be called upon to fulfill this role? Who will recognize her, what country and what personality “status-neutral”? There are already some indications. Given that Turkey may not be perceived as “neutral” by many of the arab states who have not forgotten the behavior of paerioada of the Ottoman Empire, for many of them remains Russia, the old and the settler friend of yesteryear, the one who was the guarantor of stability throughout the duration of the Cold War.

It can? Let’s see what will it contains the report on the situation on which the Secretary-General of the UN will present on Friday in the framework of an emergency meeting, convened at the request of the 8 countries (Bolivia, Egypt, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Senegal, Sweden and Uruguay). What will happen if, and on that occasion, Antonio Guterres will repeat the conviction expressed yesterday, direct criticism at the Trump, that the status of Jerusalem can only be resolved through a direct negotiation between the parties, adding that it has always been the “opponent of any unilateral measures”: “there is no alternative to the two-state solution…with Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and Palestine”.

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