Assault, threat and insult

Ockenfels/Linz on the Rhine. A 56-year-old from Eitorf clashed with the 55-year-old rival of his former partner on Saturday afternoon in the Ockenfels area. The aggressor was sent off by the Linz Police Inspectorate, thus ensuring that the parties were physically separated. The man initially complied with the dismissal, but brought in his three sons aged 21, 24 and 26 for support. The sons, who were initially only verbally aggressive, were also sent off by officers from the Linz police station, which the people did not comply with even after the threat of coercive measures, causing the situation on site to escalate. The 21-year-old son from Linz punched the 55-year-old victim from Koblenz in the face. The victim suffered a fractured nose and had to be taken to a nearby hospital. The siblings also showed solidarity against the police officers deployed. In particular, the 21-year-old main suspect punched and kicked the emergency services. Two officers were slightly injured. The police officers were also continually insulted and threatened with their lives. The situation was finally calmed down only after support forces from Neuwied and Bonn were brought in. Two of the sons were tied up on site and taken into the custody of the Linz police. Criminal charges of physical harm, resistance to police officers, insult and threats were opened against the people.

Press release police department Neuwied/Rhein

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