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We all know the moon around our planet, but two other satellites are visible around the earth and invisible to most people. Speculation about these two has been hovering since 1961, when Polish cosmologist Kazimierz Cordeliusky proposed its existence for the first time. Astronomers and physicists The Hungarians have two "clouds of dust" rotating in "semi-stable points" about 250,000 miles from the Earth's surface.

the moon

According to the British Metrow site, scientists were able to capture images showing dusty light, and these clouds are found at the Lagrange points that keep the objects in a fixed orbit. Judith Selz Balog, an astronomer at the University of Yevvos Lorand in Hungary, said: Cordilliusky Cloud is one of the most difficult things to find, and although it is close to Earth, astronomers are largely ignoring it. "

It is interesting to make sure that our planet possesses dusty, dusty satellites in orbit.

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