‘Aswin’ announces 3 policies to close jobs for poverty in Bangkok can do

“Aswin” announces 3 policies to close the job of poverty in Bangkok, loud! can do

On the evening of May 15, 65, Pol Gen Asawin Kwanmuang, candidate for Bangkok Governor Number 6 continues to seek opportunities to work with Bangkokians. amid the pouring rain by campaigning for 3 communities in the Sathorn area, consisting of Baan Eua Athon community Community in front of Thammasat Association Baan Mankong Sathorn, along with Mr. Apichart Sanitwong Na Ayudhya, candidate of the Sor. Kor. Sathorn District No. 3, Bangkok Rak Group Ready to go on stage to give a speech asking to close the job of poverty for the people of Bangkok Open your eyes and mouth after going through a crisis

At one point, Gen. Asawin Answered journalists’ questions about strengths and weaknesses that people may see that they have been around for a long time. May not see the problem. Old age. The person who will be the governor may have to be a new generation or not.

“Age is just a number. There are no limits to block the work. long time worker highly experienced have worked before And in the part of the problem that I see for a long time may not see that problem in the past But it’s not over yet. therefore asked for volunteers to continue And because I’ve worked so far, I’ve been criticized. But the one who never gets criticized is the one who never did. And I have experience and have a new team of people. which the age gap There must be none in the work,” said Pol Gen Asawin.

Police General Asawin also took the stage to give a big speech in the North Bangkok zone At Tawandang Ramintra German Brewery which before the speech was raining But there were people waiting to hear the speech. and encourage Police General Asawin, more than 1,000 people.

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By one part of today’s speech Pol Gen Asawin emphasized that if returning as governor BMA will first solve the problems of the people’s stomachs. After the COVID-19 crisis that is about to pass by requesting to close the job of poverty for the people of Bangkok with a policy that will drive it into reality to revive the breath of the people of Bangkok Open your eyes and open your mouth again with 3 important things that will drive it to happen including the world-class tourism festival, trading areas in 100 markets in all 50 districts and extending the retirement age. has used the method of presenting the said policy through video clips.