At Rimšēvičs, you find a draft of the testimony of the deceased witness Buimister, as amended

Former Governor of the Bank of Latvia Ilmārs Rimšēvičs’ leisure trip to Kamchatka was organized with the aim of increasing the amount of Russian money in Latvian banks and the business environment. This is what the legal adviser of the banker Igor Buimister says in an interview with the newspaper “Diena” this week. Rimšēvičs, the former head of the central bank, is accused of accepting a bribe, including a paid leisure trip. At the beginning of the year, one of the central witnesses changed his testimony against Rimšēvičs, but the other witness Buimisters died prematurely two weeks ago, reports TV3’s program “Nekā personīga”.

“Nothing personal” is known to have held talks with Buimister in the summer to change the evidence in the Rimšēvičs case. KNAB has launched a criminal investigation into the influence of a witness.

Igors Buimisters died on August 19 at the Latvian Center for Infectious Diseases. His death has alarmed many, as Buimisters was an important witness in the lawsuit against former Governor of the Bank of Latvia Ilmārs Rimšēvičs.

Rimšēvičs was detained by the KNAB three years ago. Rimšēvičs, who was once influential and present in government decisions, has accepted bribes in exchange for helping Trasta komercbanka, which is oriented towards Eastern customers and is in trouble. The bribes were later laundered through the businessman Maris Martinson, which is also confirmed by the conversations secretly recorded in Rimšēvičs and Martinson’s sauna. The prosecuting party considers that Rimšēvičs has been involved in the transfer of information between the bank and its supervisors to the Financial and Capital Market Commission.

Evidence of ancient events in exchange for acquittal agreed to write “Trasta komercbanka” board member Viktors Ziemelis and its owner Igors Buimisters. The case was already in court when Ziemelis changed his testimony. A handwritten letter leaked earlier this year said he had been forced to confess to a crime he had not committed. And he did not give any bribes to Rimšēvičs. Ziemelis himself has not commented on this, as he lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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Igors Buimisters, the second central witness of Rimšēvičs’ case, can be seen in the photos while fishing and hunting in Kamchatka together with Rimšēvičs. The former Governor of the Bank of Latvia no longer denies the authenticity of the photographs. There were also people from the Russian military-industrial complex, finance and business in Kamchatka. In an interview with the newspaper “Dienai”, Liene Zamaslova-Kazikova, the legal adviser to the Buister, emphasizes that the purpose of the trip was to increase the amount of Russian money in Latvian banks and the business environment. In joint salmon fishing, private contacts are likely to be established in order to achieve the necessary diversion of cash flow to European countries in due course. Two participants from Latvia will never testify about the course and purpose of this trip again – the owner of “Olainfarm” Valērijs Maligins passed away four years ago, but two weeks ago – Buimisters.

Prosecutor Viorika Jürgen’s “Nothing Personal” Prosecutor in the Criminal Investigation Division of the General Prosecutor’s Office admitted that she did not intend to discuss the reasons for Buimister’s death in public. She stated that the information in her possession did not indicate anything criminal.

“Nothing personal” is known that this summer Buimisters reported to KNAB that someone is trying to change his previous testimony. KNAB Equipped Buimister with recording equipment and further actions have already taken place in the interests of the investigation. The offer was made by a little-known businessman Uģis Tabors. There is scant news about him in the press, he has previously been involved in investment projects, based on real estate transactions pledged to banks. Tabors once generously donated to one of Ainars Slesers’ many political foundations for the “First Party of Latvia”. At present, Tabors does not manage and does not own any company in Latvia.

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Unofficial information available to Nothing Personal suggests that Tabor’s son is also involved in the witness influencing case. He helped translate Buimister’s alleged new testimony text from Latvian into the ex-banker’s more widely used Russian language. The testimony had to be attached to a notary and an appointment had already been made when Buimister was unexpectedly hospitalized.

Uģis Tabors admits that his relations with Buimister and Rimšēvičs have been friendly.

“My client has confirmed that this person is known to him. I personally do not know the nature, intensity, circumstances of formation of this relationship and so on,” said Normunds Duļevskis, a lawyer at Ilmārs Rimšēvičs’ lawyer.

Buimister’s death hastened the activities of the KNAB in the case of influencing a witness. The next day, on August 20, the KNAB conducted a search of the businessman Uģis Tabors, as well as Ilmārs Rimšēvičs’ residence in Langstiņi.

“When the Office learned that the person involved in the proceedings had died, the Office took urgent procedural steps in August this year to obtain additional evidence. To prevent those involved in the proceedings from destroying the evidence here. The defense version, “comments Ineta Cīrule, the deputy head of KNAB.

Rimšēvičs’ lawyer emphasizes that his client is not yet a suspect. However, “Nekā personīga” is unofficially known that KNIM employees found a draft of Buimister’s amended testimony on Rimšēvičs’ phone.

Buimisters testified about the trip to Kamchatka and bribes in the pre-trial investigation seven times, also in the presence of a lawyer. In the event of the death of any person, the law provides for the testimony to be read in court so that it can be considered in the context of all other evidence.

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It is unofficially known that in the new case initiated by the KNAB regarding the influence of Buimister, he was offered money, several hundred thousand euros.

Rimšēvičs’ advocate explains the offer of money for changing testimony quite the opposite. Rimšēvičs has been provoked, but this attempt was unsuccessful. “Buimers, through several other persons, has tried to look for an opportunity to address Rimšēvičs faster in order to charge a fee for true testimony,” Rimšēvičs’ lawyer said in a statement published a week after Buimster’s death.

“We have information that suggests that Buimisters has been or has been a KNAB agent and provocateur for a long time, whose task was to provoke Rimšēvičs to pay any amount of money. We have information that suggests this. These are both logical conclusions and And that is why we have also invited people to refer, maybe they are lawyers, maybe they are acquaintances, friends who will be able to prove that it was or was not so, “said Normunds Duļevskis, a lawyer of Ilmārs Rimšēvičs, a lawyer.

The KNAB plans to refer the criminal case initiated in the summer for influencing a witness to the prosecutor’s office already this year. Rimšēvičs, Tabors and the son of the businessman in this case are the persons against whom criminal proceedings have been initiated.

But the next date of Rimšēvičs ‘corruption case is not known until the European Union court has adopted a final verdict on Rimšēvičs’ immunity.