At the Foire de Marseille, taste education as a recipe for success

For the fourth day of the fair, women are in the spotlight and enjoy free access. « Every year we purposely come on this date ! » laugh Sophie and her group of friends. Indeed, there are more women than men in its aisles. « The Fair delights you », this year: gastronomy is in the spotlight with more than 40 exhibitors from all over the world and culinary activities will not cease to enliven this long week.

The pasta recipe

by Benoît Payan

Every day, starred chefs from all over the world come to the stove to animate cooking demonstrations where they reveal some of their recipes. On Tuesday, the Italian chef Anne-Marie Gargiulo Basile who runs the Vésuvio, animated the stand to initiate the children of the CE2A class of the Convalescentes elementary school alongside the mayor of Marseille Benoit Payan. The latter, of Italian origin and passionate about cooking, wanted to share his recipe for midnight pasta (midnight pasta) to schoolchildren.

« This pasta you will make them when you are older after enjoying the party », he launched. The preparation is done in a pan where the oil is flavored with garlic and herbs of sage, oregano, and thyme. The pasta will then be served with a touch of parsley and grated cheese such as pecorino or parmesan. « A typical Italian trick that the French don’t do : cook the pasta for less time than the planned time and finish cooking in the pan with its water for one minute ! » advises the mayor of Marseille. In the afternoon, the children were able to take part in an educational gardening workshop to end the day.

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