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Around Atomic heart clouds continue to gather. At one time, information appeared that the project had problems, although the developers denied the anonymous investigation. Now there is information that the beta testing scheduled for the end of 2019 will not take place.
Producer Oleg Gorodishenin in the official Discord channel of the game announced this on October 5, but only now they paid attention to it. Interestingly, these data were not provided in the social network accounts of the Mundfish studio and on the official website. Thus, the developers canceled the beta test secretly.

According to Gorodishenin, PTA was required to test the multiplayer. But the studio decided to completely abandon the multiplayer mode and focus on the plot. And in order not to spoil the impression of the final version of the game, beta testing of the single mode will not be conducted.

The only purpose of the beta was to test the multi-user mode – including its balance and server performance. We planned to release it as a holiday gift for the players, support about a week and collect user reviews.

But gradually it became clear to us that the plot is much more important than multiplayer. We believe that launching beta before release would be a hasty decision. This can accidentally ruin the impressions of the world and the story. We do not want this.

Oleg Gorodishenin, producer of Atomic Heart

But that's not all. The developers said about the abolition of discounts on pre-orders from October 9. Although the site can still be pre-ordered with a price of 1999 rubles. It also became known that the creators wanted to leave only publications for 60 and 120 dollars (a little more than 3800 and 7600 rubles, respectively).

As for the release dates, the developers promised to inform about them in the spring of 2020. Recall that Atomic Heart is a first-person shooter in the scenery of the alternative Soviet Union, where robotics and artificial intelligence have become everyday.


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