Attempted extortion and robbery of a fruit seller in Corato: 4 arrests

The four responsible for the robbery that took place this morning in a greengrocer in Corato ended up in handcuffs. Lightning investigations by the carabinieri, following the criminal action of the gang: shortly after 8 o’clock three subjects,

One of them armed with a pistol, they showed up in the fruit and vegetable shop in the city center to ask the owner, under the threat of the gun, for money to be paid on a regular basis, while a fourth accomplice was waiting for them in the car. To the firm reaction of the owner, the three subjects had no qualms about hitting him with the butt of the gun in the head and stealing the sum of 20 euros and the mobile phone, and then fleeing, with the car driven by the accomplice.

Promptly intervening on the spot, the carabinieri of the local station immediately viewed the images taken by the video surveillance systems in the area. The close investigations, conducted by the Carabinieri of the Operational Section of Molfetta and of the Investigative Unit of Bari, coordinated by the Public Prosecutor of Trani, made it possible to identify the alleged perpetrators of the robbery, who after the crime, among other things, thought it is also good to go for breakfast in a bar in the center. The searches, conducted without interruption, with the use of various Carabinieri patrols, allowed to find three of the subjects – a 27 year old, a 23 year old and a 24 year old, all already known to the police – in an apartment, in the availability of one of them, where in the meantime they had taken refuge. Here, among other things, the gun was found, which turned out to be a scacciacani, and the victim’s cell phone. The fourth man – a 36-year-old also with precedents – was instead found shortly after in his car, inside which 8 doses of cocaine were also found. The owner of the business, for the contusion to the head, was medicated on the spot by 118 staff. The members of the gang were then transferred to prison, as ordered by the PM on duty at the Trani Public Prosecutor’s Office, who asked for validation arrest and the issuance of a suitable precautionary measure. They are accused of attempted extortion, robbery and illegal carrying of weapons.

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