Audi caught fire after a horrific cactus: not a lifeguard, but a film of a 17-year-old burning

Such appalling circumstances became clear after the court examined a criminal case in which Adrijus Sartauskas, a 28-year-old resident of Prienai district, was convicted of a tragic accident – the judges ruled that a man convicted of various crimes 11 times would have to spend 7 months and 6 months.

In addition, the court banned A. Sartauskas, who never had a driving license, from driving vehicles for 5 years. However, this is only a formal ban, as it is actually in force while the convict is still in prison.

The tragic accident, for which A. Sartauskas was sent to a correctional facility, took place on March 1 last year, at about 15.56, when a resident of Prienai district who was not entitled to drive was intoxicated with psychoactive substances, in Trakai district, on the Vilnius-Prienai road. , near the town of Aukštadvaris, driving his own car Audi A4 towards Prienai, suddenly drove into the opposite lane and ran into a truck with a semi-trailer driving towards Vilnius

After a powerful impact, the car caught fire – the driver of the truck was still able to pull out the unconscious A. Sartauskas from the Audi A4, at that time his friend, who died in the accident, was pulled out of the car only a few minutes later, when the fire was stopped by firefighters.

It was a horrific sight – only a few hours after officers found out about the victim, the minor’s father was notified of his tragic death. The young man’s mother is dead.

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“Only in the evening police officers came to my house to ask if there was a son at home, they also reported that there was a traffic accident in Trakai district, near Aukštadvaris, during which a passenger of a car was killed and they suspect that it could be my son. , Said the minor ‘s father. – I rushed to call my son, but I couldn’t call that evening or the next morning because his cell phone was turned off all the time. So the same morning I went to a morgue with a police officer, where I was shown the body of a man who had died and been burned in a traffic accident. I immediately recognized from the contours of my face, from the tattoo on my left hand between my thumb and forefinger, my sports pants and my shoes, that it was my son. ”

The father could not say what he was doing that day and why he was driving with A. Sartauskas – he only saw his son on the eve when he came home (they lived separately). The victim had received a call from his son that night, but was already asleep at the time, so he did not answer – he still doesn’t know what he wanted to say to him then.

A. Sartauskas, who was driving an Audi A4 car, could not tell the police why the tragic accident happened – the man was seriously injured in the traffic accident and suffered a coma for a month. And when he recovered, he could not tell anything because he had lost his memory. They have not recovered so far – a year after the tragic accident, they could not say anything about it during the criminal proceedings.

A. Sartauskas had bought the car that caused the accident on the eve of the accident, but he could not remember these circumstances due to loss of consciousness.

However, the man did not deny that he could have caused the accident while intoxicated with drugs: “Sometimes I used them.”

The prosecuted driver also admitted that he was not entitled to drive, although he had been behind the wheel more than once – he had even been stuck by the police a couple of times because he had been driving under the influence of alcohol.

A. Sartauskas said that he learned about the accident and the death of a friend only when he was evicted from the Resuscitation Department – this message was communicated to him by his relatives.

“The deceased was my friend, we went to the same school together, only he was younger,” he said.

Audi caught fire after a horrific cactus: not a lifeguard, but a film of a 17-year-old burning

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A. Sartauskas apologized to the deceased father for the loss of his son only during the court proceedings, explaining that he was very sorry for what had happened.

The accident of the Prienai-Vilnius road accident could only be told by the driver of the DAF truck, which was used by the Audi A4 – a 23-year-old man living in Poland said that he had seen a car in the opposite lane about 150-200 meters away.

“When there were about 30-40 meters between the DAF truck I was driving and the Audi A4 in the opposite direction, the car started to move sharply towards me,” he said at about 80 km / h at the time. speeding truck driver. – I do not know why he did so, because there were no obstacles and the car was driving quite fast – about 100 km / h. speed. Then I immediately pressed the brake pedal hard, tried to turn the tractor to the left to avoid a collision, but I couldn’t avoid the collision – it all happened suddenly, in an instant. “

According to him, the Audi A4 didn’t even stop – it hit the tractor in the right corner of the front.

“The impact of the collision was severe, it seems to me that after the collision the engine of the tractor stopped and it stopped immediately, and the Audi A4, bouncing off the front of the tractor, stopped slightly,” the driver said.

According to him, the Audi A4 caught fire immediately.

“I took a fire extinguisher from the truck and started extinguishing the car, the fire in the middle of the car seemed to go out, but then it moved to the front of the car, at the bonnet, so I rushed to extinguish there,” said the Polish citizen. – Then I saw a crowded man sitting in the front seat of the car, but he did not move, he seemed unconscious. And I didn’t see the driver. “

The driver of the tow truck said many of the cars passing by stopped while the car was being extinguished, but the people who got out of it did not help him, and when they took their mobile phones, they were just filming what was going on.

“Since the two fire extinguishers I had emptied, I asked the driver of another truck behind to give me my fire extinguisher – I continued to try to extinguish the burning car, and then other people didn’t help me, only one car driver brought me and gave me another fire extinguisher,” he said. – However, the fire in the burning Audi A4 has not diminished. As I walked around the other side as I was fighting it, I saw that the driver’s door was open and the driver had fallen to the ground through it. He was lying on his back next to the car and his legs were inside the car – giving the impression that the driver had opened the door after the collision and was trying to get out of the car. Then I asked a man near me to help me pull the driver to the side – as far away from the burning car as possible. We took him aside, and since the right side of the front of the car, where the crushed passenger was sitting, was burning openly, no one even tried to open the door. ”

Audi caught fire after a horrific cactus: not a lifeguard, but a film of a 17-year-old burning

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According to the driver of the truck, after about 10 minutes, fire and rescue workers arrived at the scene, extinguishing the burning car and only using the special rescue equipment to pull out the body of the severely burned young man.

“Police soon arrived and the last ambulance arrived at the scene,” he said. – When various services arrived at the scene, I felt that my left side was hurting, so I stepped aside and the medics took me to the hospital. I spent a day in it, I didn’t find any fractures, I just broke my side, so I was discharged from the hospital. “

Forensic experts found that a passenger burned in an Audi A4 was seriously injured and was likely to die immediately. Traces of amphetamine, MDMA, tetrahydrocanabinol carboxylic acid, and tetrahydrocanabinol hydroxide were found in the blood of the deceased.

The court that examined the criminal case against A. Sartauskas noted that he had been convicted as many as 11 times, also for illicit possession of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances without the intention to distribute them. In addition, he was punished administratively many times – 11 times for violations of the Road Traffic Rules (KET), two of which were committed while driving while driving.

“Criminal offenses and administrative offenses negatively characterize the accused as a person prone to crime and commit new administrative offenses – A. Sartauskas is prone to crime, does not draw conclusions, does not want to obey the requirements of the law, has not achieved his goals, about the impunity for the committed criminal offenses, an inadequate perception of the responsibility for one’s behavior has formed, ”the court imprisoned A. Sartauskas for 7 years and 6 months noted.

At that time, Vilnius prosecutors wanted A. Sartauskas to spend a little longer behind bars – 8 years. As a result, the criminal case was examined on appeal, but after analyzing the data in the case, the judges of the Vilnius Regional Court decided not to increase the sentence of the convict.

“There is no doubt that the criminal actions of A. Sartauskas not only endangered the values ​​protected by law, but also caused real damage to them, ie a person intoxicated with psychoactive substances caused a traffic accident that killed a young person (the damage is not remedied). ), foreign property (another vehicle involved in the accident) was damaged, ”the panel of judges stated.

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