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Young would need to wait about 20 minutes for employees to be able to safely collect – Reproduction / Twitter

Young would need to wait about 20 minutes for employees to be able to safely collectPlayback/Twitter

Published 09/29/2022 15:16 | Updated 09/29/2022 15:16

Australia – A 26-year-old girl was seriously injured by a roller coaster in Melbourne, Australia. She was run over by the toy while trying to pick up the cell phone that had fallen under the tracks. The accident happened last Sunday afternoon, 18. According to witnesses, the woman was dragged for nine meters before falling to the ground.

According to information from the Daily Mail, Shylah Rodden, 26, was rescued by paramedics and taken to hospital, where he is in an indefinite coma. In an interview with the Herald Sun, the girl’s father, Alan Rodden, said his daughter was “dragging along” but that “everything will be fine”. The case is being investigated by police.

26-year-old Australian is in an indefinite comaPlayback/Facebook

On Monday, 26, authorities reported that the toy, located at the Melbourne Royal Show, was traveling at 70 km/h at the time of the accident, which left several families in horror at the scene. “The injuries are horrible. She has brain damage. There’s hardly a thing that isn’t broken,” Alan said. He said the injuries included the young woman’s arms, legs, back, neck and pelvis and that he couldn’t “understand how so much damage was done”.

In testimony, park workers reported having informed the woman that she would have her cell phone back. However, the young woman would need to wait about 20 minutes for employees to stop the toy and be able to safely collect the object. Surprisingly, she broke into a restricted area blocked off by a six-foot-high fence and accessed the roller coaster tracks. Despite being fenced, the place does not have security cameras that could alert employees of the accident that was about to happen.

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Shocking images of the accident were shared on social media. According to Shylah’s father, “even the doctors said they hadn’t seen anything this bad in a long time.” In an interview with the Australian Daily Mail, Rodden said his daughter suffered life-changing injuries. The park, which had been closed at the time, was reopened two days after the accident, on Tuesday, the 27th. The decision was communicated by the spokeswoman for the place, Katie Scanlan. It will remain open until Sunday the 2nd.

“The safety and well-being of our fair visitors remains our number one priority,” the spokeswoman said in a statement. According to Scanlan, “all on-site tours have undergone rigorous inspections and passed all required safety documentation,” but he did not comment on whether new procedures were in place after the Shylah case. The young woman’s family called the reopening “shameful”.