foreign countries In the middle of the holiday season Austria starts with border checks on entry Stand: 12:38 clock | Reading time: 2 minutes The video could not be played. Please try again later. Austria controls at the border The Austrians carry out border controls again. It’s about protecting the EU Home Affairs Ministerial meeting in Innsbruck. Nevertheless: soon border controls could be the daily routine, if Seehofer implements his plans. Austria is again carrying out border checks for five days. Among other things, travelers are checked on the German-Austrian motorway junction Kiefersfelden / Kufstein. The controls should last until Friday. W As soon as the EU interior ministers meet in Innsbruck, Austria has started as a security measure on the night of Monday with temporary immigration controls at important border crossings. Since midnight, travelers are among others at the German-Austrian motorway crossing Kiefersfelden / Kufstein as well as at the entry from Italy at the Brenner controlled. There, the vehicles have to slow down to 30, according to police for visual inspections. To prevent long traffic jams as much as possible, two lanes should remain open. Nevertheless, car and truck drivers must expect considerable disabilities. The border controls should last until Friday. They concern – in addition to the Brenner – the transitions from Germany to the Austrian province of Tyrol. Entry into Austria, for example via Salzburg and Passau, is possible without any checks. also read The move will be based on security measures around the two-day conference of EU interior ministers in Innsbruck. The departmental chiefs meet there on the 12th and 13th of July. The border controls were not related to the immigration debate, it was stressed. “We are looking for possible disturbers, not especially migrants,” said a police spokesman. Five-day inspections are scheduled for September again today. Then the EU heads of state and government will meet in Salzburg on 20 September. also read The block handling of trucks on the Austrian side of the Inntalautobahn caused a long traffic jam in Bavaria on Monday morning. At the Kiefersfelden border crossing in the district of Rosenheim on the A93, cars and trucks milled for miles. “The traffic jam started around 5 o’clock with about five kilometers and is now about 15 kilometers,” said a police spokeswoman on Monday morning.


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