Auto experts made top-5 cars for round-the-world travel

Moscow, September 16. Experts named the rating of new cars available in the Russian market and comfortable for long journeys.

The first place was taken by the Japanese Toyota Land Cruiser 200 due to its high throughput, spaciousness and powerful engine. The price of the car starts from 3.8 million rubles.

Second place experts gave the model Land Rover Freelander 2. According to journalists, it is one of the most "winter hard" in the Russian market.

Third place went to the German SUV Volkswagen Touareg with four-wheel drive. Experts note the presence of LED headlights, video cameras and sensors. Particular emphasis is placed on an economical 3.0-liter engine, thanks to which the driver can spend less time on additional fueling.

Auto experts made top-5 cars for round-the-world travel

Next on the list is Audi Q7, equipped with a number of electronic assistants and advanced technologies, as well as BMW X5, which allows you to safely travel for a long period of time.

Earlier, the analysts of the service for the safe sale of cars with mileage called the list of popular used cars in Russia. According to reports, the leader of the rating was Hyundai Solaris.

                            Alexey Gromov



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