Auxmoney buries P2P, Quirion goes to the supermarket

By Heinz-Roger Dohms

Exclusive: Auxmoney cuts its P2P roots

We at have closely followed the gradual transformation of the Auxmoney credit marketplace from the almost grassroots democratic peer-to-peer platform to a professional investment portal, most recently in the article -> Auxmoney issues the first ABS securitization (from October 1). And now? The Düsseldorfers finally cut their P2P roots. Because: The Auxmoney marketplace (through which investors, to put it simply, grant loans to end users) is still open to small investors. However, only on a portfolio basis. The “manual selection of individual loan projects is [hingegen] no longer possible in the future ”, as the company confirms at the request of Whether that’s a bad thing in terms of investment culture remains to be seen. What is certain, however, expressed in the words of a user (who first made us aware of the whole thing): “The joy of selecting will no longer be a thing of the past.” And with it the real fun of the thing.

More “All about product and customer” messages

  • Granted, in the end, it’s probably more of a marketing gimmick. But not the most unoriginal. Because: The Berlin Robo Advisor Quirion (which recently broke through the 1 billion euro market for assets under management) is drawn to the POS, so to speak. To be more precise: Quirion intends to sell gift cards for digital investments at Edeka in the future.
  • Why do the crypto marketplaces and brokers make so much money? Quite simply: You cut a decent bit of spread out of trading in Bitcoin & Co. and add a few fees on top of that. The cost structures? Are complex to say the least. A study has turned out a couple of the providers, from Coinbase above bitpanda up to Scalable Capital and Justtrade a little closer look: Finance Fwd