Failed in the SPD: Uwe Hück. Photo: Uli Deck

Pforzheim. (lsw) Breaking up traditional structures, declaring war on officials and addressing new groups of voters – this is what a new party that the former Porsche works council boss Uwe Hück (58) founded on Saturday with fellow campaigners wants. The “Citizens’ Movement for Progress and Change” wants to run for the first time in the federal election. She wanted to allow a wider range of opinions than the traditional parties, but clearly set itself apart “against nationalism and the denial of science,” said the top candidate for the federal election, Christoph Mährlein, at the founding meeting in the former Birkenfeld furniture center near Pforzheim.

According to Mährlein, people should also be reached who have not yet felt represented in politics: “Precarious workers, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, disadvantaged young people, employees, citizens of this country who are not satisfied with the bourgeois parties and who want change.” It is not a “Hück party”, assure the founders. The federal chairman is the entrepreneur Sebastian Haase (46 / formerly CDU). Top candidate Mährlein (53) is a lawyer and ex-head of the Pforzheimer SPD district association.

Hück was elected as party spokesman and vice-chief. The longtime former SPD member left the comrades in December after an internal dispute. The SPD rolled out the red carpet for the eloquent campaigner for employee rights after he left Porsche two years ago: The newcomer to Pforzheim became the SPD’s top candidate for the local elections – and won the most votes in the city.

Hück is popular. That has to do with his vita. The former orphan and home child has worked his way up from a painter at Porsche to a powerful opponent of the car bosses. With his Pforzheim Learning Foundation he has been helping disadvantaged young people for years. For charity projects under the motto “bruises for social purposes”, the former European champion in Thai boxing can also be “punched in the face”.

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