Ballet gala takes place in Gladbach for the first time

Choreography by Robert North
Ballet gala takes place in Gladbach for the first time

Classic, flamenco, rumba, fado – Robert North, ballet director of the theater, shows his highlights from the past 20 years in “Retrospect – Outlook”.

Robert North has been a ballet director for over 30 years and has worked at community theater since 2010. During this time he has created over 100 choreographies. He will show his highlights on June 15th and 16th at the ballet gala “Retrospect – Outlook” at the Theater Mönchengladbach.

There will be two variede evenings. For example, North shows excerpts from one of his greatest successes, the “Brandenburg Concerts” by Johannes Sebastian Bach, which he choreographed under the title “Bach” in 2003t. There is another classic with “Tchaikovsky’s Dreams’, in which North presents a dance portrait of the Russian composer.

It gets melancholic and sensual with “Fado”, a homage to the Portuguese music style. In his implementation, North focused on Maria Severa (1820-46), the first fado singer and still known today. The blues “Boom Boom” by John Lee Hooker is heading to America. North has also choreographed two pieces to compositions by André Parfenov, Night Variations (2018) and Chagall Fantasy (2015). “For the dance, I took inspiration from his paintings,” says North. At the end it gets passionate again with “Rumba”, a translation of flamenco into stage dance.

As the title of the gala reveals, there will not only be retrospectives, but also an outlook for the 2022/23 season. “Seidenweber” is the name of the performance, which is reminiscent of the region’s textile past. Here, too, the music was composed by André Parfenov.

The gala is also intended to bring visitors to the theater who are still Not “balletterprobt“ are. “The excerpts from the choreographies are very accessible,” says North. In addition, the music is excellent: “It’s not only fun to watch, but also to listen”.

The Ballet Gala has already taken place six times in Krefeld, now it’s also coming to the Gladbacher Theater. North and his wife, Sheri Cook, who did the planning, are excited about the expansion. “The event was very popular in Krefeld, we hope it will be the same in Gladbach.”

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