Barcelona’s final rehearsal before the Cup final


MADRID, Spain (Reuters) – Barcelona are in the final round of the semi-final against Sevilla on Saturday when they reach Celta Vigo on Tuesday in the third round of the Spanish league. The title is almost as important as the men of Ernesto Valverde, who are 11 points ahead of Atletico Madrid before six games at the end of the season, and wait for fairly easy matches, except one that will be picked up by Real Madrid on May 6. The Catalans did not appear to be affected by their dramatic exit from the quarter-finals of the Champions League with a 3-0 loss to Roma on Saturday (Saturday’s 4-1 home win). Saturday’s 2-0 away win over Valencia, (39 matches) after sharing with Real Sociedad. “It was a difficult week and we left it to everyone, including the public,” said Valverde after winning the win over Valencia, who dropped out of third place for Real Madrid. “It was an important game and we feel disappointed. People and we want to compensate them. ” Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez, who scored his first goal against Valencia, was similar to Valverde. “Like us, the public can be very angry about the Champions League, but this (unbeaten record) shows what many have ignored Most likely, we’re having a great season in the league. ” Celta Vigo will not be an easy opponent of the Catalan club, especially since he fell in his last two league visits to the stadium “Palydos” in 2015 with a large score 1-4 and 2016 3-4, and only drew a last visit to this stadium in the final round of the Cup competition ( 1-1 round before winning a 5-0 win). Real Madrid are hoping that Real Sociedad will serve by beating Atletico Madrid on Thursday, as this will allow the Catalan club to extend the gap separating them from Argentine coach Diego Simonei to 14 points before five stages at the end of the season, which means he may crown the title in The next stage against Deportivo La Coruna will celebrate the best way for Real Madrid’s historic opponent at Camp Nou on May 6. – One test before Bayern – But Atletico have a good time, and at Sunday’s 3-0 win at Levante, they won their second home win in the league and in the Champions League next season because of the 19-point difference from fifth. They also reached the semi-finals of the Europa League, Despite losing Thursday at Sporting Lisbon 0-0, for a 2-0 win. The semi-finalists meet Arsenal in a tough game, but it is not difficult to test Real Madrid in the semi-final of the Champions League, where they drew a draw with Bayern Munich, after passing Wednesday Juventus hard-won thanks to a penalty received in time instead Lost and narrowed the gap 1-3 (qualify for a 3-0 win). Real are keen to keep their hopes of distance and reduce the four-point gap separating them from their arch-rivals Atletico when they face Wednesday at home to Athletic Bilbao in a match expected to include Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo and Welsh Gareth Pyle after the French coach Zinedine Zidane preferred Sunday Against Malaga (2-1). The 100th win for Zidane as Real coach on Wednesday was his last domestic match before going to Munich to face Bayern on Wednesday in the Allianz Arena, because this weekend’s encounter against Sevilla was postponed until May 9 because of the concern of the Andalusian club Final Cup. “We are going through a good phase and everyone is in good health, everyone is available to play, that’s good,” Zidane said after Sunday’s win. . Seventh-placed Sevilla are to play on Tuesday in Deportivo La Coruna, while Villarreal 6 will play with Liganes. Valencia will try to regain their third place from Real when they host Getafe on Wednesday, with Espanyol to meet Ibar on the same day, Alves with Girona and Real Betis with Las Palmas and Levante with Malaga on Thursday.


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