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Basel: Music needs togetherness – Basel

by archyw

For the conductor Ivor Bolton it was a small home game in the city on the Salzach, as he was chief conductor of the Salzburg Mozarteum Orchestra for many years. For the Basel Symphony Orchestra, on the other hand, it was the first guest performance in Salzburg and, above all, the first concert in a long time in front of a larger audience. As of recently, the Austrian safety regulations have allowed significantly more people to enter a concert hall than in Switzerland. In Salzburg the audience sat in the so-called checkerboard pattern, with a mask and either tested or vaccinated. So there were over 1,700 people who were able to hear the two concerts of the Basler.

“Music needs togetherness” was the headline of the Salzburger Nachrichten and described the memorable event, which became a highly emotional occasion not only for the artists but also for the Salzburg audience after the long lockdown. The usefulness of foreign guest appearances in pandemic times was discussed in the press. After all, almost 55 people from Basel traveled to Salzburg.


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