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Basketball – NBA – Cleveland, what a mess

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22 points ahead devasted, one foot in the key LeBron James on a decisive action, a third straight defeat (97-95)… The situation has not improved for the Cavs in Indianapolis.

Basketball - NBA - LeBron James and the coach of the Cavs Tyronn Lue, Friday in Indianapolis. (T. Ruszkowski/Reuters)

LeBron James and the coach of the Cavs Tyronn Lue, Friday in Indianapolis. (T. Ruszkowski/Reuters)

The match

Unlike their last two outputs marked by a delay of colossal at half-time (Minneapolis and Toronto), the Cavs have taken this time the match by the end. A 22-0 (6-26, 9th) allowed them to put very quickly the Pacers on the ropes. The gap is even increased a bit in the first quarter-time (10-32, 12) and remained important to the half-time (44-58). And then Cleveland went downhill.

Indiana income at contact on a 11-0 (71-72, 34th), the match remained balanced until the money time. After a basket at three points of the leader of the Pacers, Victor Oladipo who put his team in front at 2’10” from the end (96-95), the two teams have failed at everything, or almost. The Bron James has especially put slightly the foot in touch on an attack bottom line in five seconds from the end. But as Darren Collison was then managed a start-franc, Cleveland had one last ball of match to three points, missed by James (97-95).


LeBron James has cracked a tweet sarcastic at the destination of the arbitrators. He comes back on his foot on the touch line during his attack bottom line in five seconds from the end. the “Without a doubt, after having reviewed the action, I was a little bit outside. Good blow the whistle”, he begins. But he added : “I would have had to be in OKC on the attack. Lol. That’ll teach me.”

Explanation : on the 29th of December, Milwaukee has won in Oklahoma City (97-95), thanks to a basket scored by Giannis Antetokounmpo on a similar action. Except that the arbitrators had not seen this time the foot on the line of the Greek. They had under other rules could not go back on their (non) decision and the victory of the Bucks had been validated. But the sweet bitterness of LeBron James needs to be heard beyond this single action as the “King” was nervous – he even received a technical foul is caused by his “worst friend”, Lance Stephenson – and that is all that is happening in the Jumpers at this time which annoys.

The context

This match was the last of a big series of moves to Cleveland, who has played ten times out of twelve at the outside for the past four weeks. This road trip has turned into a parlor game since the champions 2016 have lost eight of those twelve matches, including the last three. Result : they have only one defeat less than the fourth to the East, Miami, in full form now.

Tyronn Lue : “It may be of fatigue, but I’m not sure”

This is especially the way that worried. Even if the blow of the failure of early January is a classic of the Cavs, it is already there on their second crisis this season after the end of October. Cleveland had a need to reassure himself in Indianapolis, even without Isaiah Thomas and Dwyane Wade put to rest, but it had a half-time. the “We came back by walking in the third quarter. No pace, no attack. It may be of fatigue, but I’m not sure”, has found the coach Tyronn Lue. The next match, it was a shock to face Golden State Tuesday in Cleveland, already looks like a double.

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