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BBC Weather: HUGE cloud system pulling storms all over Europe Weather | news

BBC Weather has warned of a massive cloud system that keeps the continent under water this weekend. BBC Weather's Nick Miller claimed that in many places in Europe, spring has not yet turned out to be "spring". Miller also warned that "big storms" this weekend in the eastern parts of Europe broke and led to troubled weather.

According to the latest weather charts, the probability of snow falling in Central Europe on Saturday increases.

BBC Weather Forecaster Miller said: "An airflow coming from the northeast and having a high pressure.

"There is some decent sunshine for many western areas. Nevertheless, it is uneasy in parts of Eastern Europe with some strong storms and large cloudy areas, where it is cool in central parts of the continent. "

He added, "Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, the Balkans, Greece and Italy are sometimes downpours when we look at Friday's forecast.

"Through the west side of France there is a lot of sunshine through Iberia, some clouds in the British Isles.

"Do not pay too much attention to the temperatures, but especially if you have the cloud here. However, where you are clear, frosty nights will come, not only for the next few nights, but also for the whole weekend. "

On Saturday, the BBC Weather forecast was added: "No big change in the picture for Saturday.

"Still, these big cloud areas are the storms the farther east you are. And you go south to reach temperatures as low as 20 ° C. "

If you look at the weather forecast for next week, Miller claims that things would "lift" the temperatures for Paris and London.

According to the latest weather charts, there will be snowfall in some parts of Germany at the weekend.

It is expected that Britain will be hit by winter showers this weekend as bitter cold conditions from Scandinavia reach the British Isles.

Reigning meteorologist Aidan McGivern warned that hail and rain will hit East Anglia and south-east England on Saturday and could continue on Sunday.

McGivern said, "On Friday we still have this large area of ​​high pressure from Scandinavia, we still have the eastern air from the North Sea.

"Otherwise it's a dry and bright day again. The best sunshine in the west at 12 ° C or 13 ° C. 8C or 9C at this cool North Sea coast. And you can see the extent of this cool air.

"This blues comes from Scandinavia. If this was winter, it would be really cold, but in April it will be warm. Nevertheless, we start collecting even darker blues on the weekend.

"That means you should not be surprised by Saturday – if you live in East Anglia or the Southeast – a few hailstorms or even a few sleet-storms.

"The air is so cold that we could see that one or two of them turn up on Saturday and possibly Sunday. Further west, lighter and dry weather. Plenty of sunshine. "

Leading bookmakers have even cut the odds this month to go from record 4 to 5 as the coldest April.

Coral's Harry Aitkenhead said, "We usually start to look forward to the warmer weather this season, but it could not be otherwise.

"Temperatures will drop dramatically, sinking below freezing in many parts, and that has left us with no choice but to preserve the chances that April will be the coldest record."


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