Beam, poet, obsessed with his wife, twins getting more beautiful every day

Beam, poet, infatuated with his wife, twins becoming more beautiful every day, delighted with twin children, Phi Thi-Nong Pee, the favorite of the public, rejecting the million dollar price.

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twin “Pee Thee – Nong Pee” of Father Beam and Ma Mi Aoi become popular among the public It’s so hot that events and presenters keep coming in. latest family Beam Kawee Tanjararak and Oil Athipon Wife, who is now 5 months pregnant with twins Phee – Nong Pee Come join the tree planting activity at Sansiri event inviting 20,000 trees to be planted for Bangkok at Sansiri Backyard, T77 Community.

then Father Beam – Mother Aoy gave an interview to accepting the family’s work that now has more contacts Both the event and the presenter, where the children did well, not fussing, the proud parents who only loved and cared for their children. Prepare to find a kindergarten already. Along with updating the pregnant twin girls Aoi’s mother told her twins this time it stinks in her husband’s face. But Father Beam falls more and more in love with his wife every day.

Today I came out to work with the whole family.? Beam : “Yes, it’s exciting too. Afraid that your child will cry? will stay there or not There was a little bit of mic scramble.” Oil : “But when I told him that he had come to plant a tree, he traveled all the way to plant a tree. He liked that we would have told him in advance what we were going to do today.”

The children did not cry, they did not cry.? Beam : “But really, I have to confess that before I came Brother Tee, he’s a little nervous. like a bit of car sickness But when I arrived, I was smiling. The weather is pretty good today too. not so hot So I’m not nervous.”

Is it a difficult deal to come out and meet a lot of people?? Beam : “But some days I think that time also plays a part. In the evening, he will be in a good mood. During the day he rests.” It is already a gift to the public.? Beam : “Being a parent must be happy and proud.”

Can I still get a job? or accept it on occasion? Oil : “Actually, right now it’s an opportunity. because it has many limitations. due to time Because you can’t be like that at any time. will have time to rest If there is a period of work For an evening like this, it would be perfect.” Beam : “Actually, today we are more like traveling. But maybe there will be a lot of people.”

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Do you have a lot of contact work?? Oil : “You have to ask the manager (laughs).” Beam : “Yes, yes. Most of them are family related products. about children” The main value in millions or not for the children ? Oil : “Oh… not that much (laughs).” Beam : “Thank you to everyone who wants to support us and help us raise the children. Thank you very much, because there are two more in my belly (laughs).”

very strong mom Still chilling out of work? Oil : “I’m still chilling right now. Because it’s only 5 months, but the belly is big Compare the size of a single pregnant person. It’s probably about 8-9 months now. I’m pregnant with twins and they’ll go on.” update this belly Still have morning sickness?? Oil : “This stomach is more work than the previous one. I haven’t lost now. I have lost for 2 months during the 2nd -4th month. It means I have to separate the room from Beam because it smells bad.

Beam : “No, he stinks of garlic. And some of them miss? We try not to eat. But it hides in different sauces.” Oil : “Seafood dipping sauce, which everyone knows has garlic.” Beam : “I don’t know, it’s new knowledge (laughs). I ate it that day. So had to sleep in a separate room. He left us with our children and took care of ourselves.”

Oil : “We exiled ourselves. Because it smells like a child. because children like to eat shredded pork And in there it has fried onions, so I can’t. At night, I wake up all the time because of the smell. So I want to split it up for about a month. I separated, but it was good. When we separated, we slept fully. Allergy symptoms have improved. Now I’m not losing anymore.”

Does your father have morning sickness instead?? Beam : “It will feel like… we want to ruffle. because I felt that he was prettier (laughs).” Oil : “true” Can you smell it?? Beam : “Okay, can you, my love?” He said he wanted to ruffle.? Oil : “No, please come.” Beam : “It’s been five months (laughs).” Oil : Well, we know that as soon as we have children, the bond between our girlfriends is far apart. we ourselves know But we might as well be 90’s women that we haven’t shown up before (laughs). Embarrassed.”

Beam : “Sometimes he’s acting the same. Lying down, he’s holding our hand. We’ll ask what it is (laughs). No, we understand. Ask how much you want. Really, everything you want. Try not to let him do anything. But what is it about children? He wanted to do it on his own. like washing milk bottles We told him why the nanny didn’t wash. I’m too lazy to say Anything that makes you happy has already been done.”

Will there be any more content?? Oil : “Ticktok is available. but rarely go down.” Beam : “But can’t compete with other people (laughs) There are a lot of people who help, we go live, like before we come, we live and tell everyone. that today will come We will have fun together.”

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Recently posted a picture of a family ad behind the van. But there is a cover to cover Father Beam’s face? Beam : “It might not have a place to be attached. I thought so. It’s been 2-3 days. Someone sent me to say that they saw me with my son. Where did we see? and then he sent it to see It has a sign around our eyes. that this van from here to here We felt that, well, there are many other places. Why did you come in front of us? I mean, you can’t see your face at all. So I cut the picture for everyone to see. It’s funny, funny (smiles).”

Many people wondered if he didn’t pay his father’s money.? Beam : “Yes, but the price is kept for the future of the child’s education (don’t worry?) Don’t be offended (laughs)” I saw that I had to be considerate of the boy band.? Beam : “Just a little, do we still need it? (laughs)”

When will you go to school?? Beam : “He must have entered kindergarten when he was 3 years old and had already looked at the school. His mother was the manager.” Oil : “I’ve looked, but I haven’t been to the school yet. Just keep it close.” Beam : “Well, if you visit a school, okay, you must go. But some of Oil’s grandchildren have already gone to school. It’s enough to know what it looks like.”

choose close to home? Oil : “Convenient to travel and various expenses that is not too stressful It doesn’t stress us.” Beam : “But not sure if there are a lot of presenters. We may not be stressed anymore.”

If I go to content school, will I see less?? Beam : “If you go to school, it may be less. It’s actually sharing a part of your life.” Oil : “Some days I have a lot of time, maybe a bit longer life. Like today, about 10 minutes, just saying that we are coming to Sansiri fair. In case anyone is convenient, they can come and see.”

Catching the right way when coming to social media is a reality family for fans to follow until the children have a lot of fans like this.? Oil : “Fortunately, we really didn’t think we were planning to do anything. At that time, we started doing YouTube during the first 3 months of the pregnancy. Some of them intended to make a diary. A little later, the child will come back to see the development. But when you do it, you start to get serious Growing up with the growth of our family. When we have children, our children grow up. A little bit more will be 4 children’s content. Start taking children to school.”

Get ready to be a parent and child. 4? Oil : “Prepare your mind (smile)” Will Phi Thi Phi Phi adjust to having a younger brother?? Beam : “Adjusting to having younger siblings should be easy. We taught him a lot of brotherhood. Did you kiss your sister today? There is a baby in Mamy’s stomach.”

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Oil : “He kissed us and asked if he loved him or not. When he said he loved him Oi will say Nie, he told Mamy that she loves P’Thi and Phee loves Phee too. like we communicate to him But Oi doesn’t know how much he understands. Wait, when the younger one comes out, he will gradually learn by yourself.”

How should parents share their children?? Beam : “It must be divided. If there is only one person, it’s not that much. But two of them came out at the same time, so the small children were more likely to be with their mothers. I’ll take care of P’ Thie and Nong Pee first.” Oil : “We’ve met before. We can estimate how heavy it is. And what we’ve done and then work is brought back to repeat. Anything that doesn’t work is cut off.”

Ask about your parents, Big Brother. We are still visiting you.? Beam : “Trying to take care of the distance. last year went Take the child to see you too.” Oil : “Bring the kids to see you. After that, we go again, but maybe we won’t be able to take pictures. There will be more.” Beam : “Yes, after that we go again around the beginning of this year.”

Is your father in good spirits?? Beam : “My father is very supportive. Thanks to BIG’s fans who always come to see each other and take care of them. I also follow but may not be there. Maybe on social media Maybe call and ask There will be a big fan club that we are close with and will call and ask. what do you want Do you want to help? We are still in contact.” people appreciate that D2B never left friendship? Beam : “They are brothers and sisters. It’s a feeling that’s hard to describe.”