Benedict Cumberbatch is terrifying in first Netflix movie trailer

Netflix has dropped the first trailer for one of the most promising titles from the upcoming Venice Film Festival. Then we’re talking about The Power of Dog, with Benedicht Cumberbatch and Kirsten Dunst.

The film is based on the 1967 book of the same name by Thomas Savage, released in Dutch as The violence of the dog. Set in 1925, the film tells the story of two Montana ranchers.

The Power of Dog

Or, as it sounds much nicer in English: ranchers. Benedict Cumberbatch plays Phil, described as a ruthless yet charming rancher who rules the landscape through intimidation, along with his more sensitive brother, George (Jesse Plemons).

Everyone is afraid of Phil, until one day everything changes when George marries Rose (Kirsten Dunst), a widow. He takes Rose and her son Peter into his home. Both are weighed down by Phil’s dominant presence.

He teases them, makes fun of them, but slowly he seems to be fond of her son, Peter. He even takes it with him on the road. Is Phil more sensitive than everyone thought, or is it all part of a devastating plan to destroy them and sabotage them?

Netflix strictly big names

Combine the intriguing synopsis with the top cast and you already have a promising title. The trailer takes it one step further, with cinematography and environments to die for.

Directed by The Power of Dog is owned by Jane Campion. Netflix has pulled the 67-year-old filmmaker out of retirement. In 2009 she delivered her last film. With titles like The Piano on Bright Star to her credit she certainly knows how to put down a strong drama film.

Benedict Cumberbatch is terrifying in first Netflix movie trailer
🔥 (Image: Netflix)


The big names don’t stop there. The soundtrack will be delivered by Jonny Greenwood, who is also responsible for the promising Spencer this year. He is expected to compete with himself at the next Oscars.

On the producer side, the duo Emile Sherman and Iain Canning are involved, among others. They won with The King’s Speech the Oscar of the Oscars, the one for Best Picture.

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It should be clear: when it comes to film awards and delighting critics, The Power of Dog Netflix’s great achievement for this fall.

Bioscoop on Netflix

The film will hit theaters on November 17, and will be released worldwide on December 1 on Netflix.

Hopefully all that potential will actually result in a very strong film. Unfortunately, at Netflix, 1+1 is not always 3. Fortunately, the first trailer already makes an impression.

Benedict Cumberbatch is terrifying in first Netflix movie trailer
🔥 (Image: Netflix)

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Benedict Cumberbatch is terrifying in Netflix movie trailer